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This is our zoom class schedule for October.

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Scroll down to see some results from our first art project of the year!

Minibeasts 🐛🕷🐞

Last week we studied minibeasts.

To learn about Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, we watched this video:

I wouldn’t do that! Would you?

You can find more Bugface videos on You Tube.


Student’s art work 2020-2021🎨

Such fabulous art work being created. Well done all of you!


National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today in class we made some Bannock.

Both fried and baked bannock are popular in many indigenous communities. And there are lots of different recipes!

We chose to make Baked Metis Bannock today!

UPDATE! Our Bannock only took 12 minutes to cook!

It was delicious! We enjoyed ours with jam and butter. I also love to eat bannock with Chili.

Lumina and Hazel made bannock with their Dad, Dwayne, who is Salish First Nations. Looks like theirs was good as well!