The First Week Back to School

It is the first week back to school after winter break, and time to kick off the new year with a BANG. After all the partying, sleeping, and eating though the break, it is time to get back to work. Winter break will be missed but hard work pays off. With New Year’s resolutions set, are the students prepared to tackle the school year?

The first day of school, everyone looked happy and well-rested. Students were catching up with their friends about what they did for the holidays. Walking along the hallway, you hear that students went shopping, opened gifts, and ate turkey. However, at the mention of classes, you can hear groans of protest. Nobody wanted to have homework and tests.

The first day of school was not so bad. Everyone had bright smiles on. The second day, was the same. Then, there was Wednesday. This is when reality kicked-in. Everyone started to have eye-bags from being sleep deprived. People did not even make an effort to dress up nicely anymore, and threw on the nearest article of clothing. On the other hand, you had some people that were sick. There were nasty coughs, runny noses, and watery eyes. It was not an appealing sight. Add in the stress of going to school and getting work, they were not getting better anytime soon. Everything started to crash.

All in all, students will have to learn how to adjust again. It is going to take some time but they can do it! Even though winter break is gone, there is still one shred of hope: Spring break is next!

Written by: Jennifer Dong

First Week of School


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