Hunger Bites Meal

by Jennifer Dong

On Thursday January 15, 2015, meals were served to the less fortunate at the Wilson Heights United Church from the numerous Hunger Bites volunteers. The way the faces of the guests light up when you hand them their plate of food is unforgettable. Giving them something as little as food can make their day, and it brings warmth to our hearts.

Some of the roles the Hunger Bites volunteers did were setting tables, cleaning up, and serving meals.  The meal consisted of cabbage roll, salad, cheddar pierogi, and steam vegetables. For dessert, there were apple pie, vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and apple pie. Impressively, all of this was made by the volunteers of the church to serve around 80 guests, and it was not purchased. The members of the church were generous enough to provide food for us too, and it was delicious.

asds   At the church, the guests were able to receive bread, clothes, and books from donations. All the guests were happily chatting with each other, and making new friends while eating. They were all very polite and grateful for this meal.

When the guests left, they were smiling and happy. But they were not the only ones; all of the Hunger Bites members were happy that we were able to help others.

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