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Final Exams and textbook collection during double blocks

*Textbooks will be collected on the same day as your final exams.  If you do not bring your textbooks on the day of your final…you will be issued a “Lost Items Fees Owing Form” (this means you must pay for the replacement of the textbook).

Thursday, June 13th

  • Block 1-4:  Mini Socials 9


Friday, June 14th

  • Block 2-4:  Law 12
  • Block 2-2:  Socials 8


Monday, June 17th

  • Block 1-3:  Socials 10
  • Block 1-1:  Law 12


Tuesday, June 18th

  • Block 2-3:  Mini Socials 10
  • Block 2-1:  Socials 10


Attendance is mandatory since theses dates are the last classes for the year…there will be no opportunity for retesting.

All exams, unless specified, will be 100 multiple choice questions.  The class will have the whole double block to complete the exam.  You must bring pencils and erasers for the exam.

Please bring reading material and/or study material for other subjects in case you finish early.

There will be no electronic devices allowed for the whole duration of the double block.  (If seen or heard — it will be an automatic confiscation of the device and exam…which means no grade for the final exam)




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