Unit 4: Mental Wellness  (May 27 – June 21)

Difference Between Mental Health and Mental Illness

Teen Mental Health Videos:

Teen Mental Health Magazines:

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Unit 3: Mental Wellness and Psychological Disorders (April 29 – May 24)

We will learn about the complexities of psychological disorders as characterized by the DSM-5 – The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Unit 2: Psychoanalysis and Personality Types (April 2 – 26)

We will be exploring 2 different concepts in this unit. First, we will look at psychoanalysis and personality types and the psychology behind the theories.

Unit 1: Foundations of Psychology (Feb 5 – Mar 15)

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology Theories

  • Unit Assignment: Research Methods and Theories of Development

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 PowerPoint Presentations

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Unit 1 Video Resources: 

Video: Babies Documentary