Covid-19 Updates

29 Mar 2020: Everyone should join our Discord server by clicking this link discord.gg/kw7TBuA. If you do not yet have the Discord application downloaded on your computer, you can download it here https://discordapp.com. There is also a phone application that you can download. Do this ASAP as we will be trying to stick to our regular schedule. As I said before, please inform your classmates of these updates as well. Ask your classmates if you need help setting this up or feel free to email me. Announcements from this point onwards will most likely be posted only on Discord.

17 Mar 2020: With in-class learning suspended,  please continue to check this website for updates related to this class. Please check your email, the school website and the VSB website for general updates. Expect to follow the same or similar schedule as what is found on the course/unit pages. Please inform your classmates of these updates as well.

Contact Information

Mr. M. Lam

Room A309
Email mlam@vsb.bc.ca
URL blogs.vsb.bc.ca/mlam/

Teaching Schedule and Office Hours

Day 1 Day 2
Before School Not available
Period 1 Physics 12 Physics 12
Period 2 Available by appointment Physics 12
Lunch AP Physics 1 Tutorial (Thu)
Period 3 Physics 12 AP Physics 1
Period 4  Physics 11  Physics 11
After School Available by appointment or if you come before I leave



If you are absent for a class, you must bring a note signed by your parents indicating the date on which you were absent and the reason for your absence. Notes must also include a contact phone number where the parent may be reached. Unexcused absences may result in a zero for any work missed.


Any work missed at the beginning of class can be made up for no deduction in marks only if a note is presented with a legitimate excuse.


You must notify me before using the washroom. One student will be allowed out of the class at a time. No students will be permitted to leave the class during a test.

Late Assignments

Assignments which are handed in past the due date will receive a 10% deduction of marks per school day (20% per class). Late work must be turned in before the marked assignment is returned to the class.

Missed Test Policy

If you are away on the day of a test, your parent or guardian must email me directly with a return phone number before 3:03 pm of that day. Failing to do so will result in a 20% penalty in marks (even when you bring a note). You must request to write the test the day you return. If you know ahead of time that you will miss a test (e.g. field trips), you must arrange an alternate test time in advance. Unexcused absences will result in a zero for your test.

Exam Security

Students can gain much from reviewing their performance on previous tests and as such, students can review tests during class review sessions or by appointment if class time is insufficient. Tests and exams will be kept by the instructor to develop a student portfolio in the event of academic disputes, and in order to maintain academic security. Removal of an exam from the classroom for any reason or copies of the exam by electronic or other means will be handled according to the school’s policy on cheating.

Academic Dishonesty

It is the student’s obligation to inform himself or herself of the applicable standards for academic honesty. Students must be aware that standards in this class may be different from those in other schools or classes. If a student is in any doubt as to the standard of academic honesty in a particular course or assignment, then the student must consult with the instructor as soon as possible, and in no case should a student submit an assignment if the student is not clear on the relevant standard of academic honesty.