Leaving The Nest!…and update on more student learning!

IMG_2063Hi there everyone, our names are Ethan and Jadon from div.2.  Not only are we growing salmon but now we have a new addition. We are here to update you people on what’s happening within our chicken eggs. In Ms.Persoon’s class we recently received five chicken eggs. Our incubating eggsRight now they are in  a warzone called “the egg” where they are 12 days away from hatching into the dangerous jouney of the world. Meanwhile the salmon [fry stage]  are ready to be realeased on Friday May 3rd, 2013 in Beaver Creek, Stanley Park. It will be the journey of their lives, hopefuly they will survive 10 minutes.  If they get caught, they will probaly turn into a “fried” salmon.  That concludes our update on the chickens and salmon. We’ll share our salmon release photos after our trip tomorrow!  Thanks for reading our blog!!Ready to swim away

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