2013-14 Class placements..

Strathcona staff will soon be working to organize classes for September 2013.  The teachers at our school take considerable care in determining the placement of students in classes for the new year.  There are many factors that are important considerations in this process.  It is hoped that the following notes will help parents/guardians understand how student placement is determined.

In deciding the placement of students in classes, staff members consider student groupings which balance academic and social needs.    Student learning styles and relationships are also part of the process.  Parent /guardian input can also be very helpful to our process.  Our objective is to create classes which best meet the needs of our students.

Please note that if parents wish to write a letter to share information about your child’s class placement, it should be to share information about your child’s ideal learning environment in regard to social, emotional or academic needs.  The selection of next year’s teacher will be made thoughtfully by staff and the process will include any information shared by parents.  Should you wish to provide the school with extra information, please send a letter addressed to me or Mr. Brown by May 31st, 2013.  If you wish to speak with someone about your child’s placement, please call the office to make an appointment to speak with me or Mr. Brown. Thank you.

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