Film and Video Production

Film is a powerful tool for communication. This course will provide students with the skills and opportunity to create short films and become a more  informed film critic.

We will be exploring, experiencing, processing and acquiring skills in the following areas:

  • composition/framing
  • storyboards and scripts
  • directing
  • set etiquette
  • team work and collaboration
  • editing software
  • critical thinking
  • conventions of story telling
  • character development
  • camera angles
  • camera training
  • lighting
  • sound

What to bring?

  • writing utensil (pen and pencil)
  • paper for note taking
  • USB flashdrive (16gb or more)
  • Supplementary course fee $20.00

Classroom Climate

  • Create a positive, respectful and safe environment;
  • Students actively participate in activities and discussions;
  • Be mindful and careful of all equipment in and out of the classroom.


  • assignments and projects             65%
  • participation and teamwork          35%

Participation and Teamwork

Film is a production class. Student participation is crucial in order to contribute to the group mark. Your presence and positivity will be  evaluated through peer and teacher evaluations.


The equipment we use in this class is fragile and not easily replaced. I is used by many people and imparative that all studetns be careful and when handling the equipement. If you have shown yourself to be responsible you may have the privilege of borrowing the equipment over night. You must return borrowed equipment the next morning before class starts so that other people may use it (marks will be deducted for not returning equipment on time).

Policies and Procedures

Attendance and punctuality are crucial in a class based on collaboration and skill workshops. Absences result in group setbacks. Notes from a guardian/parent must be presented in order to excuse an absence.

Several of the assignments for this course require you to work outside of the classroom on school grounds.

  • you must be mindful of your voices and actions as to not disrupt other classes;
  • you must respect the working space of other students, teachers and staff members. Always  ask permission if you would like to use the space, understanding that the answer may be no;
  • you must ask permission before filming any individual on or off school property;
  • you must stay on school grounds during school hours.

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