Visual Arts 8

Students will develop a working knowledge of the Elements and Principles of design through creative exploration of a variety of mediums. Responding to art and discovering a variety styles and artists will inspire students towards a general appreciation of art. Students will begin to perceive and respond to images with an awareness of the sources, techniques, and strategies used towards their development and design. The visual literary developed in this course will empower students to navigate their media rich world with increased critical awareness.

Policies and Procedures

  • Create a Positive, Respectful & Safe Environment.  
  • Students are challenged to be open to a variety of different materials, artist and ideas. 
  • Student attendance, punctuality, and participation essential for grade.
  • Students are responsible for making up missed work, obtaining class notes and completing missed assignments. Marks will be deducted for late and/ or incomplete work.
  • Materials in the class are to be used with respect. Failure to use materials and classroom studio respectfully will affect Studio Practice mark.

What to Bring

  • Writing utensil (pen, pencil and eraser)
  • other art materials deemed relevant at the time of the assignment
  • Supplementary course fee $10.00


  • Participation and Studio Practice     30%
  • Projects                                         70%


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