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PW Graduation Transitions Program

Grad Transitions is an off-timetable Ministry of Education requirement for Grade 12s, which provide anopportunity to prepare students for a successful transition to life after secondary school. The program is designed to allow you to develop and reflect on your strengths, experiences and achievements as a student and apply that knowledge to developing a plan for your life after High School.

In order to obtain credit for the Graduation Transitions you will be required to complete three assignments and collect evidence of involvement related to the following learning areas: Personal Health, Community Connections, and Career and Life. Students must complete all requirements in order to graduate and will be asked to provide an email address to facilitate communication, with the expectation that they will be checking it periodically.

You will be assisted with your Graduation Transitions work throughout the year with information sessions and individual meetings with the Graduation Transitions Coordinator and your grade counsellor. All completed assignments should be submitted on time to the dropbox in the Main Office. Check the school website or my blog periodically for deadlines, information and downloadable assignments.

*To open and print the logs and forms, you need Adobe’s Acrobat or Reader.


What type of work or volunteer experience counts toward Transitions credit?

Any service activity performed in your grade 10, 11 or 12 year for which you do not receive high school credit counts toward your work or volunteer hours.  This service can be paid or unpaid and performed in or out of school.  You must collect evidence for any service that you complete.

What types of exercise are acceptable toward the completion of my physical activity hours?

Any activity that gets your heart rate up is acceptable.  The ministry of education asks that students complete 80 hours of moderate to intensive physical activity.  You must collect evidence for any type of physical activity that you record in your log.

What is evidence? 

Evidence is material submitted by students to demonstrate participation, knowledge, skills and competencies.  Evidence can be written, oral, or electronic.  The confirmation forms available to download on the Transitions website can be a simple way to provide evidence.  Other examples include letters from an involved adult, photographs, pamphlets or completed application forms among many others.

Does any of the work that I completed on last year’s Graduation Portfolio count towards the new Graduation Transitions program?

Yes, if you completed and submitted Aspect 4.1 from your Graduation Portfolio assignments credit will be transferred to Aspect 1.2 of your Graduations Transitions assignments.  Also, the completed activity log and the work/volunteer activity log from last year can be used for this year’s program.

How will this course be graded/marked?

This is essentially a pass/fail course.  No percentage or letter grade will be given on report cards for Graduation Transitions.  On the student’s term 2 report card they will be issued a work habits mark and a comment indicating the amount of work completed for the Graduation Transitions program.  This work habit mark may affect a student’s honour roll status.  The pass/fail grade will appear on a student’s final grade 12 report card as “Requirement Met” (RM) or “Requirement Not Met” (RNM).

What are employability skills?

They are the generic skills that everyone needs for success in the workplace.  The Conference Board of Canada organizes these skills into three areas:

  • Fundamental Employability Skills: written and verbal communication, managing information, using numbers, and problem solving.
  • Personal management employability skills: positive attitudes, responsibility, adaptability, continuous learning, and workplace safety.
  • Teamwork employability skills: working with others, project or task planning, and project or task completion.

When do I have to get this all done by?

Students in Grade 12 should have Aspects 1.1 and 1.2 done by Monday December 16th

The due date for Aspect 1.3 is Monday March 3rd . 

Students in grades 10 and 11 are encouraged to get aspects 1.1 and 1.2 done as soon possible and 1.3 should be done early in their grade 12 year.

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