Minutes – November 28, 2018

Present:       Sheril Gelmon (PAC Co-Chair) Lara Spence (Communications/Social Media), Jo-Ann Gordon, Wendy Sinclair (Co-Secretaries), Sheri Wiwchar, Jennifer West (Co-Fundraising Coordinator), Suzanne Smythe (DPAC Rep.), Damian Wilmann (Principal), Doris Sandri  (Vice-Principal), Shareen Siddeeq, Ailin Wong, John Silver, and 20 parents.

The meeting began at 7:00 pm with approval of minutes from Oct. 24 meeting by Nirpal Minhas and seconded by Wendy Sinclair.

  1. Principal’s Report – Damian Wilmann

School Update

– new school Indigenous logo with trickster raven (artist Dana Ponit) has joined the Joker character on newly distributed basketball jerseys – the logo will appear on stationary and in other school garments over next year(s)

– school growth plan (4 pillars – Social & Emotional Well-Being; Building Curiosity & Imagination; Accessible Learning; District-wide Aboriginal Goal) is being worked on

– partnership with Microsoft Teals program – coding training with Ms. Ink

– Janet Fraser is the new School Trustee for JO

Dec. 11 School Winter Concert (Jason de Couto) 7:00 pm in the auditorium – $5.00 admission

Dec. 21 last day of classes before winter break

Jan. 7 first day back to school

– Artona school photos are in the office for students to pick up


Doris Sandri, VP

– posting of report cards on the My Education Student/Family Portal on Thurs. Nov. 29 – able to print pdf of report cards at home; post-sec institutions will receive Gr. 12 report cards electronically

– if parents cannot access site then the office can print the report cards

– on the site able to have students and parents emails, with separate passwords (under set preferences)

– on same site some teachers will post messages about student’s ongoing progress; assignments will be made public; attendance, etc.

– Parent/Teacher conferences will be held Thurs. Dec. 6 (3-5 pm) and (6-8 pm)

– parents can sign up for 4 meetings with student’s teachers on Fri. Nov. 30


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Tracey Santos

Gaming funds have been disbursed to the various groups and clubs, totalling $22,115.00.


  1. Fundraising – Sheri Wiwchar, Lara Spence, Jennifer West

Purdy’s Chocolates – Nov. 28 deadline, with pickup at the school Dec. 11 or 12. About $1,000 have been purchased with PAC receiving 25% of every order, or about $250.

Gift card shopping Fundscrip – Funds raised go to PAC for distribution (Mini also using Fundscrip). See more here>>

Student Club / Staff Program Funding Request – revision of process complete and new form handed out for input from everyone – we will use this process and form next October.  Thanks to Jennifer, Jo-Ann and Sheril for putting this form together over a few drafts.

  1. Liaison Teacher Report – Shareen Siddeeq/John Silver

– union contract for the teachers expires June 30, 2019 (6 year contract), so bargaining will begin in the New Year (local and provincial bargaining)

– hoping to come back in September 2019 with a new contract

  1. DPAC – Suzanne Smythe

– School Trustees have been allocated to schools and new committees have been formed

– seismic upgrading – what schools are on the list – where is JO? – how are decisions made for which schools receive upgrades?

Facilities Committee will meet in Jan. 2019 (Alan Wong is Chair) and can possibly answer these questions – Suzanne will be going and would like other parents to join her – please email her if interested at suzannesmythe41@gmail.com

– invite Janet Fraser (JO School Trustee) and Alan Wong (Fac. Committee Chair) to Feb. 2019 PAC meeting

– new curriculum – Planning 10 and Grad Transitions is being replaced by Career & Life Education (CLE) and Capstone project in Gr. 11 and 12

  1. Shop, STEM and Apprentice Programs – Ailin Wong and John Silver

Shops are one of the largest and finest in Vancouver, with industrial machines

Automotive (full service shop) with students working on teachers and parents vehicles

Woodworking (joinery, carpentry, etc.)

Metal Work/Jewelry (anything you can think of)


Robotics Electronics course and clubs (open at lunch and after school)

Skills Exploration – sampler course (taste of industry training) – JO is one of the few high schools offering this – funded by Industry Training Authority (introduces plumbing, electrical) (building a 16’x24′ modular cabin

Community Involvement – robotics workshops at elementary schools, JO students officiating at provincial robotics games

Skills Competition – 6 or 7 JO students represent Vancouver to compete in automotive service, cardboard boat, spaghetti bridge, workplace safety, job interview, etc.

Youth Train in Trades (ACE IT) – through VSB Career Programs – tuition is paid for by career program and is equivalent to 1st year university (must be under 19 yrs. old) – apply through counsellors at JO – no waitlist so saves time and money


STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

– 4th year at JO – 24 students in Gr. 9, 24 in Gr. 10 and 24 in Gr. 11/12

– requirements to join program do not include tests

– program happens on Day 1 and so field trips can be coordinated (to UBC, BCIT, etc.)

– independent directed studies as well as course load

– new partnerships with Douglas College Engineering (2 yr diploma program then transfer to UBC/SFU), Vision Critical and Microsoft Teals

  1. Dry Grad – May 2019 – Shareen Siddeeq

– Mystery buses, SACY presentations, games in the gym, etc.

– all 220 grads can participate as PAC has given funds to support it, bringing cost to nominal for students

– parent volunteers are needed to help on the day (a couple hours), preferably not Gr. 12 parents

– sign up list coming in the New Year

  1. Bingo Night – Feb. 2019

– open to students and parents, neighbours and friends (community event)

– bring food to share

– donations of prizes

  1. Teacher Appreciation Lunch – Thurs. May 16 2019, noon

– an annual tradition – the teachers/staff love it! parent volunteers are needed to donate food, set up the lunch in the staff room, and clean up

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm, with the next PAC meeting to be held Wednesday January 23, 2019 at 7pm in the Library. Have a good winter break!

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