Speakers at Meetings – Nov 2018, Jan, April, May 2019


Speaker Idea Month Topic
STEM and SHOP/ACE-IT – Ms. Wong and Mr. Silver) CONFIRMED Nov 28 2018 How STEM Program is, How it will look next year, project highlights, why it’s important, new curriculum implementation, how to apply.  Maybe if time too, see Shop below.
   CONFIRMED Nov 28 2018 Shop programs (new stuff that’s going on), when your kids will get shop (explain how it works for each grade), apprenticeships, opportunities, programs that are looking for kids
Math – Mr Stewart CONFIRMED Jan 23 2018 (no speaker in February) New Math – how new curriculum compares with old, core skills that are important, how 1980’s high school math compares with now, how 1980’s high school math compares with now – what’s good/better/bad
Music – Mr. De Coudo CONFIRMED January 23 2019 (no speaker in February)  Overview of music program, new collaborations, when your kid can/can’t join (some parents may think gr 9 is too late) – level of expectation of practice for kids in music (be tough! We can help!)  
Drama – Ms. Enthoven CONFIRMED April 17 2019 Talk about all the cool drama stuff, how your child can get into Drama, JO drama specialties/future, classes (stage craft, drama, script writing stuff etc….) plus Theatre Company plus planned trip to NY next school year?
Counsellor – (Ms. Alvarez came last year) May 22 2019 Ramping up for your Teen’s Best Summer – job hunting, how to spend time together, quality habits of balance to practice (for everyone in the family)

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