January 22 2020 Meeting

Meet the new John Oliver principal Brent Schieman on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 7-8pm in the John Oliver Learning Commons! All parents and guardians invited. A parenting expert, Sumeet Ghuman, MA Psych, will also lead a 30 minute group discussion on motivating teens. We look forward to seeing you there!

We’re happy to announce that SACY Parent & Family Engagement Worker, Sumeet Ghuman, MA Psych, has agreed to speak at our meeting! It will be a 30 min group discussion about how parents can motivate/encourage/support their kids to live up to their potential. Sumeet will share effective communication strategies for us to use to inspire and influence them.(She has as her own little one to put to bed so will speak 7:10-7:40pm) For more on SACY: www.vsb.bc.ca/sacy

1. Round the table introductions

2.  Meet our new Principal – Brent Schieman

3. School Liaison Teach Report

4. Teen Motivation Discussion – Sumeet Ghuman

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Grad planning – schedule, dates and volunteer info

7. Fundraising Report

8. DPAC Report

9. Bingo Planning (date set for Feb  21)

Last meeting:  Great to see some faces at our November PAC meeting – here’s what happened>>

Update on Fundraising

Purdy’s Fundraiser – with your support, we raised $439 for JO Programs! We’ll likely do this again next late November.

Want to support JO kids and programs in other ways? (like eating at a few local restaurants and bringing your receipt in to earn the PAC a 15% donation?) (how easy is that?) Here’s how!

Family Fun Bingo

February 21, 2020 – 6:45pm in the JO Cafeteria! $10 per person (extra for extra cards later in eve). 

We need prizes + prize-acquisition-helpIf you have contacts that can donate prizes, or would like to reach out to some businesses for prizes, please email lara@laraspence.com. [Or if you received something for the holidays that you think might be a good prize for teens/adults, email to arrange drop off!] – list of people to hit up: http://bit.ly/jobingoprizes Letter to help you: http://bit.ly/bingoletter

We hope all families can try to attend this fun community evening. Neighbours, kids, parents welcome! Do not need to be JO kids.

Bring Food+Drinks: Food contributions also welcome on the night, because we like to serve snacks. This year, we’ll get Starbucks to donate coffee or buy some…! (this will be a zero waste event as much as possible!)

A few volunteers: We are looking for a Food+Drink Table Coordinator, Student Volunteer Rustler (mostly on the night), and Prize Table Coordinator. Or, you can swap Lara for Front Door Coordinator.

Thanks everyone!

PAC Meeting Dates for 2019-2020

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

No meeting in March

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 – May is also the traditional Staff Appreciation Lunch. We will ask for food or food contact donations for the (likely) May 14th lunch event.

Wednesday June 17, 2020 – We’ll probably have a PAC year-end offsite meeting. We’ll also contact parents b/c we need volunteers for Dry Grad (TBD, might be in April?)

Why We Do All This

The JO Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) exists to advocate for excellence in education, for the safety and well-being of JO students, and to provide an effective and meaningful avenue for involvement of parents as partners.

Check out the links below: ** NOTE We’ve heard the WAAG has been cancelled, so it’s up to you to read the school website for news – https://www.vsb.bc.ca/schools/john-oliver/About-Us/News/Pages/default.aspx – and follow FB, etc.!

Waste Fair Jan 29 JO, and other Stuff

On the JO FB right now, a New Immigrant activity list for local activities in our ‘hood, and Cantonese+Mandarin parenting class at Gladstone, and details on the JO 0 Waste Fair 29 January in the cafeteria (9am-7pm, where 3-7pm $5 to offset food/drink costs) (slow fashion, games, free clothing for all, donations accepted til end day tomorrow, a few volunteers needed on the day – aparashar@vsb.bc.ca – thanks JO teacher Alisha Parashar for all her initiative here!) (http://bit.ly/jojan29 to find out more!) – follow it all on JO FB: https://www.facebook.com/john.oliver.secondary/

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