Classroom Management for TTOCs

On Tuesday Oct 29th Tobey Steeves, a VSB TTOC and a BCTF Facilitator, led a Classroom Management workshop (one he is leading throughout the province in his BCTF facilitator role).

The workshop had three objectives.  That participants would:

  1. Understand the goals of student misbehaviour.
  2. Review strategies for effective classroom management from prevention to intervention.
  3. Work on a plan of action to deal with challenging behaviours.

Tobey identified that in classroom management the levels of intervention were approximately 80% prevention, 15% action, 5% dealing with challenging behaviours.

Participants were given a “Know what you’re comfortable with” handout which they could use to self-identify their comfort level with:

  • Background Noise
  • Individual Volume
  • Interruptions
  • Background Movement
  • Ability to multi-task without becoming flustered

The purpose being that “Knowing yourself helps establish what kind of classroom you expect.  Understanding your own comfort levels will assist you in developing classroom expectations.”

Participants also explored several classroom procedures the ways in which a TTOC can address them with the purpose of “creating a safe and positive learning environment”.

The four goals of (student) misbehaviour were introduced and, in groups, participants identified what they would look like and how a TTOC might respond to them.

Classroom Management for New Teachers

How do you create that dynamic, engaging, safe and respectful learning environment you want for your classes? On Tuesday October 8th Mary and Jacob hosted a session sharing the fundamental elements of a well-managed classroom. Emphasis was on problem prevention through teachers’ careful planning, instruction using a variety of activities and the cultivation of warm relationships based on respect and high learning expectations. Structures, routines and proactive strategies were also presented.

Workshop Slides
Workshop Handouts

Note: On Tuesday Oct 29th Tobey Steves will be leading a classroom management workshop specific to the needs of teachers teaching on call (TTOCs).