Classroom Management for TTOCs

On Tuesday Oct 29th Tobey Steeves, a VSB TTOC and a BCTF Facilitator, led a Classroom Management workshop (one he is leading throughout the province in his BCTF facilitator role).

The workshop had three objectives.  That participants would:

  1. Understand the goals of student misbehaviour.
  2. Review strategies for effective classroom management from prevention to intervention.
  3. Work on a plan of action to deal with challenging behaviours.

Tobey identified that in classroom management the levels of intervention were approximately 80% prevention, 15% action, 5% dealing with challenging behaviours.

Participants were given a “Know what you’re comfortable with” handout which they could use to self-identify their comfort level with:

  • Background Noise
  • Individual Volume
  • Interruptions
  • Background Movement
  • Ability to multi-task without becoming flustered

The purpose being that “Knowing yourself helps establish what kind of classroom you expect. ¬†Understanding your own comfort levels will assist you in developing classroom expectations.”

Participants also explored several classroom procedures the ways in which a TTOC can address them with the purpose of “creating a safe and positive learning environment”.

The four goals of (student) misbehaviour were introduced and, in groups, participants identified what they would look like and how a TTOC might respond to them.

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