In Makerspace, you might get a chance to play Minecraft! However, this isn’t the regular version of Minecraft, we’ll be using Minecraft: Education Edition. This edition has a lot more features added in compared to vanilla Minecraft. It is a game created by teachers for schools, and recently has been acquired by Microsoft. Some things you may do include: exploring famous and historical buildings recreated in the Minecraft world, creating circuits with redstone, discovering the mysteries of quantum physics, and many more. If you want more information, feel free to visit the website for more information: 

Minecraft is a sandbox game, the world is infinite. In Minecraft you mine different kinds of blocks that make up the land. With these resources that you now have, you can combine them in a crafting table to create items you can use. In Minecraft, there will be monsters that you may have to fight against, so explore the world, find stronger and tougher materials to defend yourself. The controls are pretty simple:


Key Action
Mouse Move camera (your character’s head)
Left Click Use item in hand (can be used to hit blocks or enemies)
Right Click Interact with other objects, blocks/place blocks
Space Jump
Q Drop Item
E Inventory
Shift Sprint
Ctrl Crouch
Esc Menu

In the Minecraft: Education Edition, they have completely revamped the tutorial, teaching you all the controls and other tricks for vanilla Minecraft. The education edition allows teachers to create NPCs (non-playable characters) which can tell students what to build and where to build it. The teacher can also deny usage of certain blocks, making challenges even more difficult!

Check out this video by MumboJumbo for some cool redstone possibilities you can implement into your survival mode play:

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