Ever wanted to become an astronaut? To explore space?

In Makerclub, you will get a chance to play Kerbal Space Program! In this game, you will role-play as a Kerbala small green humanoid alien.  

As a Kerbal, your goal is to create your own spaceship to traverse the universe. When making your spacecraft, you will have to keep track of the physics of take-off, ensure the engines have enough fuel in space, and most importantly, you will have to make sure the whole spaceship stays intact. At the launchpad, you will actually get to fly your creation, whether it flies or not, however, is up to you. You can attempt various built-in missions each with its own requirements for success.


Image result for kerbal space program building














The left picture shows the building process of a spaceship, and on the right shows the result of a situation gone terribly wrong.

Since this game is all about rocket science, it may be a little complicated to get out into space. Kerbal Space Program has a wiki page that has many tutorials and information about the game: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Main_Page . Keep playing Kerbal Space Program and explore all the cool content that it offers.