Hip, Hip, Hooray! It’s 100 Day!

On March 30, we started to do many activities around the number 100. Students were asked to bring a collection of 100 things. The collections are on display downstairs beside the Staffroom. Division 2 helped us blow up 100 balloons as that was what Ms. Yonka and I brought for 100 Day!

We made a snack with 100 pieces and counted them in groups of 10.  We also popped 100 kernels of popcorn and counted the kernels in groups of 5.


We made a picture with 100 dots, a necklace with 100 pieces of cereal, and we also did 100 different stretches and exercises. ¬†Please practice counting at home with your child. A good sense of numbers will help your child’s learning in mathematics.

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