BUSINESS FAIR EARNINGS:   Thank you all for supporting your children’s projects for the business fair.    All money was collected from cash boxes at the end of the fair.   This money is coming back to students on Monday and a Financial Reconciliation sheet will be filled out.   Students deduct their float and loan, leaving their profit.   They then calculate 10% that is donated to the charity the class  voted on.   The 90% ?   That is your child’s profit!    Save or spend as they’ve planned.  There are a few students who didn’t turn a profit and that’s OK, too.   There’s a lot of learning on that side as well.   That’s what we like about this low-risk experience.  The Financial Reconciliation sheet is signed by the teacher and you should expect it to come home.

SECRET SANTA:   Each of the Classes is holding a Secret Santa – gift max is $10.    MAKE, BAKE, CREATE … or ‘buy if you have to!’   Gift exchange is Friday, Dec. 16th.  Each class will have a bit of a party that day so each student is asked to sign up to bring something small to share.

REPORT CARDS:   Report cards will be distributed on Thursday, December 15th.    Mini School applications are due on Dec. 15th by 3 pm – no late submissions will be accepted.

If you are applying to a mini school program, you need to attach a note to your application that reads:  “My school does not give out report cards until December 15th.   I will bring you a copy of my report as soon as I have it.”   Mr. Iameo, Tupper’s mini school head, knows this well.   We have never had an issue with any of the other mini schools either.    Thank you.


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