Division 1 and 2 are hosting an entrepreneurial fair on Friday, December 9th from 1-4 pm in Livingstone’s gym.

Things to start thinking about:

a)  Manufacturing should be well underway by now

b)  Table layout:  do you want a tablecloth from home to dress up the table?   How do you think your items are best displayed – flat?   Can you find a way to create another level?

c)   Cash box:   how will you store your cash?   Stuffing it in your pocket is a no-go.   Be professional.  Perhaps you have a box or container with a lid at home that you can use for the day.

d)  Float:  You need to decide how much float you want to have.  Somewhere between $15-25 is normal.  What kind of coins/bills do you need?    Ex. Your product costs $2.50   You will need quarters!!    You can start bringing in your float in a zip loc bag anytime.  Make sure your name is on a paper inside the bag.  We will secure it until the sale.

e)   Sign:  You will start making the large 1 meter sign that will hang above your space at the fair.   Be careful with this.  Make it eye catching, but be mindful of the quality of your lettering, images, accuracy of spelling, etc.  If you want your potential customers to believe your product is good quality, then let your sign reflect that your business cares about quality.

f)  Customers:   Start talking about the entrepreneurial fair with friends and family.   Encourage them to come!!!

Students will be dismissed after the gym is cleaned up – about 4:20 pm on Fri. Dec. 9th.   Thank you!!


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