Term 3 and Year End Wrap-up

Your last short assignment of the course is, of course, your self-evaluation and response to your term 3 goal.  Of course, if you did not write a term 3 goal this part of the assignment is difficult to complete.  If you had a goal and didn’t share it with me, please include this as a part of your assignment.  Follow the link below to access the assignment, I will, as well, print out some copies and leave them by the log boxes to help expedite this process.

I hope your year in peer tutoring has had value and that you learned something about yourselves and gained important communication skills.  Your service to the students is greatly appreciated by them as well as the teachers and administrators at David Thompson.

Thank You

Bill Jajic

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Term 3 video Assignment

I hope you are doing well.  At this point of the year I always give an assignment in video form to help inspire you all.  This year I am giving you choice of 3 short video’s.  Please follow the link:


Then select one of the 3 following video clips.

Brene Brown:The Power of Vulnerability

Neil Pasricha:The 3 A’s of Awesome

Steve Jobs:How to Live before you die (his 2005 commencement speech from Stanford University).

Go ahead and watch as many as you want but select one to respond to.  Click on

Video Response and answer the questions.

Due date: June 2nd.