We are a group of grade 12 students who are passionate about spreading the Griffin spirit around Eric Hamber!

TEAM OF 2018-2019

JOANNA (CEO)Chief Executive Officer – Joanna Luo

TEDDY (Chief Financial Officer)Chief Financial Officer – Teddy Wong

DAGNY (Chief Operations OfficerChief Operations Officer – Dagny Lin

AMBER (Director of Human Resources)Chief Marketing Officer – Amber Sun

NICOLE (Director of Public Relations)Director of Human Resources – Nicole Leung

TEAM OF 2017-2018


Kaitlyn C., Vanessa C., Alyssa DC, Joy L., Georgia M.

TEAM OF 2016-2017

Griff Execs 16-17

Kim C., Chelsea L., Casey N., Kenny N., Haluka Y., Celine Y.

TEAM OF 2015-2016

Griff Execs 15-16

Darren C., Brian L., Nicky L., Sylvia S., Vincent W., Grace Y.

TEAM OF 2014-2015

Griff Execs 14-15

Cherry C., Angela H., Shweta J., Ariel L., Christy S., Allison W., Andrea Y.

TEAM OF 2013-2014

Griff Execs 13-14

Jasmine G., Nicole L., April L., Amanda P., Rosie Q., Isabella Schuss., Genesia T., Casey W., Erin W.

TEAM OF 2011-2012

Joanna C., Joanne C., Anthony F., Irene H., Bryan J., Jessica J., Collette K., Carmen L., Nick L., Sonia P., Desmond T.

TEAM OF 2010-2011

Sharon C., Venus C., Frank C., Madison C., Cynthia F., Priyanka J., Melody L. Wendy  Y.


To become a Griff sales associate, you must be enrolled in Marketing 11. To become a Griff executive, you must have successfully completed Marketing 11, be enrolled in Marketing 12 and go through an extensive application, training and selection process. Here are the business courses offered at Hamber: