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Our Junior Journalists are pleased to share the latest news with you on our newspaper blog.  Throughout the school year, the students will learn about the different features that make up a newspaper:  interviews, weather forecasts, community news, entertainment news, comic strips, editorials, and more!

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What is a Newspaper?

Using an inquiry approach to learning, the students worked together in small groups to make their own discoveries about what a newspaper is.  They looked at a simple newspaper called West Coast Reader.

There was good discussion between group members, with students noticing that newspapers often have the following features:

  • title
  • date
  • page numbers
  • photos
  • words (with titles being bigger, and stories being smaller)
  • thin newsprint paper
  • weather news
  • sports news
  • news about shows or movies
  • comics
  • news about the community or world
  • reminders about upcoming events
  • names of reporters
  • word search or crossword puzzles or sudoku puzzles

When asked what is the purpose of newspapers during a class discussion, the children’s responses included:

  • to tell us what is going on near us
  • to give us information

My hope with this special newspaper project is for students to learn the power of communication, and to be personally invested in sharing the written word with their readers.

“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” ~ Henry Luce

It’s a Wrap!


The Begbie Buzz Junior Journalists have learned so much about writing throughout the school year.  In the last ten months, I have watched the children gradually take ownership of their newspaper blog, and unknowingly develop many of the Core Competencies along the way.

The 6 Core Competencies include:

Positive Personal and Cultural Identity

  • I know who I am and some special things about me.
  • I can tell you about the people, places, and things that are important to me.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility

  • I can set goals for my learning behaviour.
  • I can manage my feelings and emotions.

Social Responsibility

  • I help the school and the environment.
  • I understand that other people can be different from me.

Critical Thinking

  • I can analyze evidence from different perspectives.
  • I can ask open-ended questions and gather information.

Creative Thinking

  • I get ideas when I play and explore.
  • I try a new idea when something doesn’t work.


  • I can share my ideas and questions.
  • I can listen to others.

This newspaper project has been equally exciting and gratifying for me as well as my students.   In fact, what thrilled me the most was watching these Junior Journalists find meaning and connections with the Core Competencies as they interviewed others, debated about certain topics, reviewed books and movies, or created their own comic strips.

On behalf of THE BEGBIE BUZZ team, thank you for supporting our newspaper blog.

Thank you for being an authentic audience.

Thank you for teaching the students that their voices matter.

Until next time.



Sea Creatures Come to Life


After our field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium, the children were more than interested to learn about the life cycles and structural features of different ocean animals.

Each student selected his or her favourite creature, and presented facts as if he or she were that creature!  The class learned to write from a first person point of view.

We wanted to display our facts in a fun way, and given how much the kids have enjoyed animation this year, we were super keen to use the ChatterPix app.

The students took on the “persona” of their favourite ocean animal and made their artwork come to life before our very eyes!


Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green – Who’s the Mightiest of the Teams?



On Thursday, May 16th, K to 7 students from Begbie competed in their annual Sports Day event.  Children were split into 4 teams:  blue, green, yellow, and red.

The theme of this year’s Sports Day was SPACE:  TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.

Some of the relays or games in which the primary students participated included:

  • Space Scavenger Hunt
  • Three-Legged Alien Relay
  • Keep Earth in Orbit
  • Orbit the Sun
  • Build a Rocket Ship
  • Blast Off Relay
  • Saturn’s Ring
  • Water to the Moon
  • Shooting Star

A good time was had by all, including the Begbie Buzz reporters.


James and the Giant Peach Circus Show



On Friday, May 10th, Division 11 walked to the PNE Garden Auditorium to see a circus show!  Most of the students did not even know what a circus was, so there was a lot of anticipation!

The children could not wait to review the show by CircusWest.

Compared to previous show reviews, the kids were much more honest in their feelings about the circus show.  I love that they have really gained confidence in their OWN voices in the last few months!



Vancouver Aquarium: Let’s Dive Right In!


Division 11 had an opportunity to visit the Vancouver Aquarium, located in scenic Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver.  The students really couldn’t contain their excitement, especially given that half of the class had never been there before!


The day after our field trip, I read the following book to the class, in hopes of inspiring some lively discussions about animals in captivity:

The children immediately made connections with our experiences at the Vancouver Aquarium!

The kids were put in small learning pods, and in teams, they were given a side to take:

  • Are public aquariums good?
  • Are public aquariums bad?

Every team was responsible for creating posters that illustrated their side of the debate.  Take a listen to snippets of each group’s presentation to the class!

***Readers, which side of the argument are you on?***


The day after our class debates, the children explored persuasive writing for the first time, in the form of editorials!

I immediately noticed something different that day.  Rather than jotting down their thoughts straight away, most of the students continued to discuss and weigh out the pros and cons of public aquariums.  They were still debating with each other, and many commented that they saw both the good and bad of public aquariums!  They really put a lot of thought behind what they wanted to say, and seemed emotionally invested – though be it torn – in this issue.

I was impressed by my 6-8 year olds who arrived at their own opinions about public aquariums without feeling pressure from classmates.  I was inspired to see the kids write with purpose.  I was absolutely blown away by my students who shared their opinions with such passion and conviction!

For me, it was incredibly insightful “deep diving” into their takes on animals in captivity.  I hope it is for you, too!


Weather Forecasts by our Junior Meteorologists


The children were super keen to use the Explain Everything app to create a short animation of themselves as TV Weather Reporters.  They were itching to see what they could do with this app to make their weather shows come to life!

Every student first chose a black and white photo background as the backdrop to his/her “onscreen” weather report.  The photo backgrounds that they each selected inspired the scripts that they wrote, to make their viewers understand the kind of weather they were highlighting in the news.  The children then drew cartoon versions of themselves as reporters (microphones in hand, no less!), and made their cartoon selves come alive right before their very eyes with the help of the animation tool!

The final step was for the kids to record their read-alouds of their weather predictions.  I can honestly say that no one was more motivated to practise reading with expression and confidence than the kids!


First Comes Cream, Then Comes…


For Physical and Health Education, our kid reporters learned about different Food Groups that everyone should eat to maintain optimum health.

For this activity, the students focused on Milk and Alternatives that now make up a small part of the new Canada Food Guide.

Without knowing what they were going to make, the children took turns, and shook this jar of whipping cream…

The students shook and shook, until they noticed that something was happening to the liquid…

It had turned into whipped cream!

Alas, we weren’t done, I told the kids.  So they continued to shake, and after a while, this is what happened to the whipped cream…

The kids noticed the sloshing sound every time they shook the jar, and they observed that the whipped cream had split into two distinct things.  In their words, the learners noticed a “heavy white solid” and “almost clear-ish liquid!”

Low and behold, Division 11 made butter and buttermilk!

We washed away the buttermilk, and we were left with creamy homemade butter…just perfect for our whole-grain bread!

Here are the recipes my foodies wanted to share with the world…

The VSO Presents “Peter and the Wolf” at the Orpheum


The Junior Staff of THE BEGBIE BUZZ were excited to go into the city core to listen to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of “PETER AND THE WOLF.”  The children were in AWE of the beauty of the Orpheum Theatre.  Honest reactions to the stunning venue included:

  • “Wow……..” (mesmerized by the chandeliers, with mouths gaping)
  • “Are we going into a castle?”
  • “This feels like a mansion!”
  • “It looks like Elsa’s (of FROZEN infamy) house!”
  • “This is where rich people live!!!!”

The students then watched the live show that included many talented musicians, a wonderful conductor, and a lively narrator.

Upon our return to school, the Junior Staff of THE BEGBIE BUZZ were split into several teams.  The students took on different duties for our digital newspaper…

TEAM #1:

MARKETING:  the kids created print ads for the sole purpose of promoting the live show


RESEARCH:  the children researched the back story of “Peter and the Wolf” so that our newspaper audience could have a better understanding and appreciation of the musical rendition


COMMUNITY ALERTS AND CRIME STOPPERS:  this group was responsible for creating “WANTED” posters to alert the general public of the terrible crime the villain from “Peter and the Wolf” had committed

TEAM #4:

Entertainment News:  the show critics gave their honest reviews of the live performance, sharing their thoughts with the public whether or not the show was worth the cost of a ticket

Rainbow Veggie Soup: A Colourful Way to Enjoy Vegetables


Division 11 has been focusing on different food groups as a part of the Physical and Health Education curriculum.

The students were eager to be chefs again, after their first experience making Strawberry Sauce from scratch on Valentine’s Day.

As soon as I told them we were making Rainbow Veggie Soup, the initial reaction from the group wasn’t quite the same (there was an audible groan), but in the end, EVERY LAST DROP was consumed by the class!  In fact, one student quipped, “I NEVER KNEW VEGGIES COULD TASTE SO GOOD!”

Here are the students’ recipes for Rainbow Veggie Soup.  Let us know how yours turns out!

Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool When You’re Part of a Team!



About a quarter of my class could barely contain their excitement last weekend, because they knew that they’d be watching “LEGO MOVIE 2:  THE SECOND PART” at the cinema with their families.

I *ahem* hinted loudly at the fact that the Entertainment section of newspapers often include movie reviews of upcoming flicks!  Without missing a beat, EVERY single one of those kids who had a chance to watch the sequel wanted to contribute a review and submit it to our blog.  They wanted to share their opinions of the movie!

I may be dating myself now, but I dare say we have a few Siskels and Eberts on our hands.




Fear not for the rest of the class who did not have a chance to watch the LEGO sequel and become Movie Critics.  Rather, those students became Show Critics for The Begbie Buzz.

On February 27th, Begbie students had an opportunity to watch a special live show by RED SKY PERFORMANCE in our gymnasium.  The name of the play was “MISTATIM.”  It was about a special horse who helped to build a friendship between two seemingly different kids from unique backgrounds.

The Begbie Buzz Show Critics were just as eager to share their thoughts about the performance and contribute their reviews to the Entertainment section of this blog.

Check these out!