Some student learning…

As Spring is approaching, many classes are looking for signs of Spring and studying various life cycles.  A few of our classes here at Strathcona are studying salmon.   Two of our students, Darya and Sierra will be sharing their observations here as a photo blog tracking the salmon’s life cycle which follows a series of stages as it develops from an egg to an adult fish. 

Hi! were Darya and Sierra and we are the student bloggers. We will be blogging about our class salmon! We will be blogging their progress until they are ready to go out into the river. Our eggs arrived Jan. 24 2013, they hatched march 1 2013! Pretty much all of them  have hatched, except for one. We are very exicted because they are alevins now! So, we will be keeping track of them along the way. Alright, that’s it for now, thank you for reading! Bye!

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