Just getting started….

Beginning this blog site has been an intention for a long time and there are multiple reasons why it’s taken so long for me to get this first post up. Within that intention was the hope to open the doors of the classrooms for teachers, for parents and for me. Among the fears existed the concern that I was adding yet one more task to my plate that I would feel I was not doing well. I’m a bit nervous at putting myself “out there” like this, but I’ll start with the warning that I don’t want this to be time consuming for myself so I will not be spending massive amounts of time writing it as professional articles, but moreso more time in the classrooms and out and about!…it will just be my reflective blog in hopes of capturing some of the day at Strathcona and perhaps inspire some discussion. A colleague of mine expressed his thoughts well about blogging… “It’s as if when you publish you then have to defend. I am hoping that the nature of blogging allows for a more casual discourse; a discussion which ebbs and flows and changes.”

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