FAQ about the library:

How many books can I take out? Students can take out up to 5 books (more for school projects).

Can I take out books if I have an overdue book? I request all books be returned on time before checking out more books. I will allow up to 1 book to be taken out when there are many late books.

How long can I take books out? Books can be checked out for up to 2 weeks. I encourage students to return their books early if ready.

Can I renew a book? If you would like to renew a book, please bring it in and we can update your account. Usually this is not a problem but if the book has a hold on it and another student or teacher is waiting for the book you will not be able to renew your book.

How do I know if I have overdue books? I will be giving students friendly reminders and will send out emails to families and teachers informing of any overdue books prior to any school breaks (winter, spring, and summer).

Do I have to pay a fine for late books? There are no fines for overdue books. The email notice appears to have fines, but this is just the replacement cost for a lost book not a late book. I am unable to change the language of the word “fine” in the software.

Do I have to pay for a lost book? If a book has been lost, I request the replacement cost or a replacement book. If you cannot acquire the same book, another book that is in good condition and popular / in demand is sufficient. If you are unable to pay for the book, please contact me and we can make an alternative arrangement.

Do you take book donations? Yes! I accept books that are in good condition and are popular / in demand.  Please make sure the books are in a bag that is clearly labelled with your contact info. or your child’s contact information so I know who you are and can thank you as well as give any books back that we do not need.

How do I search for a book online? Here is a “How To” video another VSB Teacher Librarian created.