Welcome to the JOPE blog

Our department is committed to providing students with a positive, safe and enjoyable learning environment that will allow them to learn, grow and further develop their skills and abilities as a person, a student and as an athlete.

The aim of Physical & Health Education is to enable students to enhance their quality of life through healthy living and physical activity.  Through participation in this course, students will develop the knowledge, skills and attitude which will allow them to incorporate physical activity and healthy/active choices into their daily lives.

Participating in curriculum activities such as individual and team sports, games, dance, gymnastics, outdoor pursuits and fitness activities, students will have the opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards physical activity. Students will gain an appreciation for personal fitness and the development of life-long physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. They will also learn to work in a collaborative setting, to problem solve and to build on their leadership skills. Finally, through analysis and reflection, students will develop the ability to make healthy choices with respect to their own emotional and mental well-being and to incorporate strategies for developing positive relationships and connections with others and their community.