February 27 2019 AGENDA

Meeting in the JO Learning Commons, 7-8pm.

  1. Welcome – round table introductions including new Treasurer Michelle Koski
  2. Review and approve minutes from last PAC meeting
  3. Principal’s Report
  4. Liaison Teacher Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Mr. Wilmann – recommendations on Lottery Grant money from school committee
  7. BINGO – MARCH 8 – confirm parents helping with prize acquisition, food, coming on the evening. Posters. Mr. Lee getting us volunteers. Who’s calling the games? We’re hoping each keen PAC parent can try for 5 prizes. There’s a BIG spreadsheet of ideas!
  8. Edie Kernighan – short presentation about JO/South Van archives project, her brother Ken McLeod’s (JO alumni + historian) legacy, her vision for his memorial fund, and alumni in the John Oliver community and how new JO families/neighbours can learn more.
  9. Other business.

Future meetings:

  1. April 17 – speaker: Drama – Ms. Enthoven
  2. May 22 – speaker: Counselling Dept (we need to confirm who this will be!)
  3. June 19th– social!  Los Cuervos! Now owned by a JO parent!

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