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What all students should know about May and June.

May and June are beautiful – spring and summer, sunshine and long days. But the spring term is also a time of rush, rush, rush! Stress, stress, stress!

Remember a few tips to get you through it with your sanity intact:

1. Keep on top of your work – everything in the spring term tends to be important in percentage value. If you ignore your responsibilities you          may  in  for a nasty shock.

2. Make sure you know your past marks  so you can estimate where you are and what you need.

3. Do your work on time – the year will run out in a few short weeks.

4. Participate actively in your classes to keep yourself engaged: ask questions, follow activities closely, support classmates.

5. Don’t skip classes no matter how nice it gets outside.

6. The year is like amarathon – it is hard, but the closer you get to the finish line the more excited you will feel.


marathon 2007(b)


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