The Red Shoelace Campaign


Today at our Superstar Assembly, two retired teachers, Ms. Reid and Ms. Fleming, came to tell us about The Red Shoelace Campaign.  They are part of the Royal City Gogos. Gogo is the Zulu word for grandmother.

Their project fundraises for African orphans who are living with their grandmas.  Money from selling these red shoelaces goes towards helping to support these kids by paying for food, or purchasing supplies so the grandmas can make crafts to sell, or paying for uniforms, tuition or school supplies.

This is a way to show you care about children, just like us, on the other side of the world.

It costs about $300 to send a child to school for one year.

Our goal for Thunderbird School is to raise $600, so we can send two African students to school.

Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 will be healthy and prosperous for everyone!


Division 9 is happy to be back at school!  Today during centres time, Frank was playing with trains.

image image

Several of the students were building with Lego.


At our Science table, we observed that putting pine cones in water causes them to close and change shape.


We also had some students building with Big Blocks and having fun!