Book chat

I mentioned in an earlier post I was reading Inside Out and Back again by Thanhha Lai. It was published in 2011 and has been in our library for a while so maybe some of you have read it already.

I really loved how the book is written – it’s written in free verse poetry and each poem is dated so it’s sort of like reading a diary. The story gave a lot of insight into how Ha feels about all the changes in her life and how she feels coming to a place where she doesn’t speak the language and sometimes feels isolated from the community. There were a range of things that happened from sad and frustrating to sweet and really funny.
The next book on my list to read is Front Desk by Kelly Yang.
This is a new book in our library, and I thought would be a great choice because May is Asian Heritage Month. This book is about Mia Tang, a ten year old Chinese American girl who helps out in the motel her immigrant parents work at. This books has received many awards, and so I’m very excited to start reading it!