Lesson Ideas and Resources

  1. Surviving The Teenage Brain – David Suzuki – CBC – The Nature of Things (45 minutes)
  2.  What are smartphones doing to young people? CBC Sunday Morning – Michael Enright -August 31/18


Assessment: 250 word reflection

3. 40 Developmental Assets – Search Institute Minneapolis USA. 



4. Who Am I? 

i. Watch the Steve Jobs Ted Talk – https://www.ted.com/talks/steve_jobs_how_to_live_before_you_die.html">VIDEO/discussion

ii. Discuss Steve Job’s 3 learnings

iii. Using the “dots analogy” from the TED Talk – have the students pick 5 pictures (dots) from their PAST, 5 pictures (dots)  from their PRESENT, and 5 pictures (dots) from their FUTURE.  Using a technology (power point, prezzie etc.)

Assessment – 250 word reflection on the student’s learning.

5. Mindset – Carol Dweck

  • class set of books
  • break into work groups
  • each group researches a chapter and presents via a tech presentation to the class
  • each student writes a reflection of ALL chapters

6. Money – http://www.cfee.org/ – Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (free resources)

FREE – Money and Youth Book 

i. Goals, Values and Decision-making

ii. Getting and earning Money

iii. Spending Money and Taking Control

iv. Borrowing Money and Using Credit

v. Saving and Investing Money

vi. Protecting Assets and Planning for The Future