For the 2018/19 school year, the VSB has created a new position – District Resource Teacher (DRT) to support Curriculum and Assessment at the grade 8 – 12 level.  Depending on the school size, most schools will have 2 DRT teachers added to their staffing.  At Churchill, Dawn Kelly and Helen Sinclair have been assigned these roles.

Dawn and Helen are available for help with Curriculum and Assessment during Day 1s, Period 1-4.  You can also reach us via email:

Dawn -dkelly(AT)vsb(DOT)bc(DOT)ca
Helen -hsinclair(AT)vsb(DOT)bc(DOT)ca.

Dawn will be maintaining a resource website for CLE teachers – http://blogs.vsb.bc.ca/CLEresources/

Helen will be maintaining a curriculum and assessment resource website for Churchill – http://blogs.vsb.bc.ca/churcurrassessment/