Yearbook 2011- 12

Welcome to Yearbook production. I am looking forward to working with you. It is very likely that you will get out of this course exactly what you put into it so I suggest that you give it your all. Lets produce a yearbook that you will be proud of for years to come.



May 11th

 Cover Assignment – to be done by yourself’

The jpeg that is the template for the cover is my file folder on the S-Drive. Open it in photoshop and start designing. Your cover will be due on the Tuesday after the long weekend.

May 3rd

Theme Assignment – to be done with a partner or by yourself

One – In a few sentences, describe your theme.

Two – Describe one possible annual cover that would capture this theme.

Three – Describe how you would incorporate yout theme into the “Student Events'” pages of your annual. You should describe your transition pages.

Four – Describe how you would incorporate yout theme into the “Student Activities”  (clubs) pages of your annual. You should describe your transition pages.

Five – Describe how you would incorporate yout theme into the Athletics  pages of your annual. You should describe your transition pages.

Six – Describe how you would incorporate yout theme into the mug shots pages  of your annual for Grades 9 – 11. You should describe your transition pages.

Seven – Describe how you would incorporate yout theme into the grad pages  of your annual . You should describe your transition pages.

You will need to submit a hard copy of this assignment on  May 9th at the beginning of the block.

May 1st

You did it! The yearbook is completed. All of the pages have been submitted. However, we still have work to do. We need to generate ideas that next year’s class may want to use. We will start by exploring theme.

Absent last class? Please submit the following to

One – A paragraph explaining what  your contributions to the yearbook have been since Spring Break. You must give yourself a mark out of 6. Half marks are permitted.

Two – A well-written paragraph explaining what your favorite page or spread in the yearbook is. Use layout lingo: white space, eye line, focal point, dominant photo, bleed, font and so on.



March 26th

I hope every one had a wonderful spring break and got lots of rest. We have less than a month to complete this yearbook. This means you are going to have to take your assignments very seriously and work quickly. I have updated the ladder. We have 72 pages to complete by April 2oth.

Our focus now is on club pages and student life (Raj will oversee this) and sports pages (Hazel will oversee this). Sundeep we need you and your photography staff to take direction from the editors. They may ask you to sort through photos (especially sports) and upload them into the appropriate files on the Friesen’s site.

Everyone: We have 68 pages to submit and less than a month to do so.

The site is set up so that you can work on your pages at home. If you have any trouble accessing photos, email me at  I am fairly quick in responding to my emails.

Yearbook Ladder 2 – Sheet1

Jaspreet B- Please go to my box in the office. The Artona discs are in the box as well as Sundeep and Pavit’s club photo schedule. Everything is an envelope that says Artona. At 3 o clock, please return to this envelop to my box with everything in it.

Anyone who has a camera must start bringing it to class. Remember that some of you have smart phones which can take photos of good quality. You should consider using these.


– Alyzah could you please make sure that each page has a folio number on it. You will only be able to work on pages that have not been approved or greyed out.

– Jagdeesh and Caprial continue working on pages 156 and 157. Try and finish today.

– Pavit: work on pages 10 and 11. Note that the page has a template on it. In the boxes, place photos showing students doing activities from the Historical photo section. Please see the index On Kei created on Page 1. – should be able to do before end of week

– Hazel: work on pages 66 and 67. Note that the page has a template on it. In the boxes, place photos showing students doing activities from the Historical photo section. Please see the index On Kei created on Page 1. Also, have a look at Pavit’s page, which I started. – should be able to do before end of week

Raj: work on pages 54 and 55.  Note that the page has a template on it. In the boxes, place photos showing students doing activities from the Historical photo section. Please see the index On Kei created on Page 1. Also, have a look at Pavit’s page, which I started. – should be able to do before end of week

– Kyra – Please do Valentine’s Spirit Week. I have uploaded more pictures. Your pages are 36 and 37. I would like this done by the end of the week.

– Jenna – find someone who can work on the Home Ec. Shop, Sewing page spread with you. Your pages are 44 and 45.  You should be able to finish this by the end of the week.

– Chand – Please find out if the Eyes of Hope Club would like their Kenya photos in the yearbook. We need the photos ASAP. We will upload them to the S-drive for them. If Jenna needs help with her spread, please help her.

– Leslie – you need to finish Pink Day by the end of the week.  PAGE 39 There is a mistake on the ladder. The play is on page 38.

– Jaspreet: Please start your pages on the Mini Field Trips.  Focus on Ashland and Sunpeaks. Go to Mr Lee’s file on the S-Drive and sort for the best photos. Upload them to a file in DEO. You pages are

– Nidia P52 – Picture of G Cheema and Message/ Picture of Valedictorian________and message P.53 Student Council and Block Club — I do not know who the valedictorian is. Can you hunt these people down and ask them to write messages?

– Sundeep and Gobinder: I would like you to plan out pages 54 – 61. I want to know specifically which clubs are going to go on each page. We also need to get more club photos. I have uploaded some photos. When I come back on Wednesday, I will check your plan. Sundeep: you are going to need to be more active in setting up team/club photos.  We need to get Eyes of Hope (asap) in bleachers of Girls South Gym.

February 23rd

Pavit, today, you have a very important job so I need you to read these directions carefully.

Pavit, on the flash drive you brought to class today, you have all the baby photos. You need to open each one of these images in Photoshop and crop them.

Originally, I had thought that you could edit them on the Friesen’s site but this will not work because we need to burn the images on a disc.

You will do this work in photoshop. Basically, you must open each image in photoshop and crop it so it is 4 picas by 4 picas. The resolution must be 300 ppi.

I am pretty sure that you know how to do this. In Photoshop, select the crop tool. At the top where it says width, type 4 picas and at where it says height type 4 picas. As for resolution, enter 300.

Save the images into a file folder.  If you have the list with the number of the students, include the number in the file name. If you do not, don’t worry about it.

Everyone Else:


Part One – Self-Evaluation for Contribution to the Publication  for Term 2 /400

What have you contributed to the publication? Have you taken photographs? gone to a seminar? designed a cover? chosen a spread? other? I need to know what you did for the yearbook in and out of class time. Please be very specific. The more specific you are about what you have done the better. This is particularly true if you tell me that you deserve 300 marks of more. I want you to persuade me that this is the case.

You must also include in this write-up a two sentence summary describing how you can be a better yearbook student. Failure to do this will result in lost marks.

Part Two- Self-Evaluation of use of Class Time Term two /100

Were you on time? Did you attend regularly? Can you log in to DEO and use it effectively? Did you limit your facebook and web exploration time? Were you respectful of students working in the classroom? What have you accomplished while you have been in class? What have you learned? Did you go missing and wonder the halls? Was your name ever called on the PA? Did you talk quietly in class so others could work?


Chandhi – Thanks for taking photos of the school play. I uploaded the best of them to Page 38 and 39 in Friesens. Perhaps, you could work on a page with Jenna or someone else. Use page 38. The photos are in the category “school play” and this must be checked when you open this page.

Leslie – You will create a page on Pink Day on February 29th. Make sure you have a camera to take photos.

Hazel and Raj or Raj and Sundeep – Could you please do the first two pages of the Artona pages to set an example for other students.

Jaspreet B – I have shared the Grad write-ups with you in google docs. I would like you to proofread what we have. If there are typos, there should be very few. Please email if you see errors asap. Thanks, Ms B  (The document is called Friesens Flow Grad Write-ups.)





February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, I want you to work on a cropping assignment as some of you need to build skills in this area. Remember, look for interesting facial expressions. When you crop a person, do not crop of their feet but crop below or above the knees.

Here is the assignment:


January 31st

This block will be used largely for organization.

We need 2 teams.

Club Photos and Write-up Team

Sundeep Sahota Captain? Would you organize this?

Sports Team Photos

Hazel can you update the class as to what has been done and what needs to be done?

Yearbook Ladder – Undergoing Revisions – Need to Discuss


Individual Jobs

– find quotes that we can use for students who did not submit write-ups

– download baby photos

– finish pages that were not finished.  Consider Jokers Classic finished. The page I am concerned about is the page with the Christmas Trees being unloaded that someone forgot to save. : )

January 17th

I have uploaded some new photos to Friesens. They are from the Historical Society. I believe there are about 140 photos for you to use.

If you have not submitted a template because you were absent or you did not use class time well, you need to do so asap. This assignment counts for marks.

GobinderThis is last call for your template.  Please complete your template on pages 60 and 61.

Jenna You need to do this assignment. Chandni can show you what you need to do.

Many are you aware that we need to submit 32 pages to Friesens on Friday. For this reason, your pages and spreads are due on Thursday. I know that a few of you have come up against obstacles and this is not realistic, which is why we are currently working on more than 32 pages.)

As I look at many of your spreads, I notice that you tend to put photos of teachers and popular kids on the pages. Let’s move away from some so many photos of teachers because staff has 4 pages of photos dedicated to them. Limit yourself to one teacher per page and remember as a rule of thumb, every student should appear in the yearbook 3 times (including their mug shot). We need to start being very careful because many students are appearing in the yearbook again and again.  On Thursday, I will talk to you about this.

WORKING ON YEARBOOK OUTSIDE OF CLASS: This is an option with the Friesen’s program DEO. However, you must download Flash 10 or greater on some computers. Many computers outside of the lab do not have this version of Flash.

CAMERA – Today, I suspect that Nidia is the only one with a camera in class, unless Hazel and Ann have brought the one that they have been using. We need to talk about the “future” of this camera. Will we continue using it for sports??

Kudos to the Designer of the Spread on Pages 12 and 13. I like the clean lines and eye lines. Finally, the short little write-up is a nice touch.  Students if you have not looked at this page, you should.

Messages for Specific Students:

(Please note: In some cases, I have written directly on your DEO page.)

Ann and MandeepYou have been working on the wrong pages. I copied your work over to pages 18 and 19 which you should continue working on today. I am optimistic that you will finish these pages by Thursday.

Manjinder – On page 26, I would like you to work on a page called Twist a Teacher. I have uploaded the necessary photos that you will need. If you get stuck, ask Chandni for help.

Caprial – On page 27, I would like you to work on a page showing the basketball players unloading Christmas Trees. I have uploaded the photos for you.


Sundeep and Pavit – I would like you to continue to working on the admin page. You need to get photos of Mr Bondi and Mr H. Please try to get a photo of the three administrators together.  Because I foresee a roadblock here, I would like you to go to this email address

Using google, I have emailed you the password. I would like you do download the baby photos and put them into a file. Some students will not have attached their names to their jpegs which means you will need to do this for them. Please do not delete any mail from this email account. Please check your school gmail accounts for the passwords.

Hazel and Raj – Please continue working on on the Artona spread pages. You have 6 pages. Take a Hike has contacted me and they would like me to take a photo of their graduating students on Friday. Please leave space for a group shot of the Hike kids. (I think because they will be in a different setting, it is probably best to give them the last photo slot on the last page.)

Page 31- Ryan and Kevin – This page will definitely be on the boys at Jokers Classic. Jasdeep Bajwa, who is in this class, can connect you with the photos.

Nidia – Please begin the page you planned to do on Spirit in Room 1—. If you were unable to get the photos, please email me today and let me know so I can upload photos for an alternative page.

Karan D and Partner – You need to place the heading “Spirit Week” on to the page that I have moved it onto. You may want to add more photos since Nidia is unable to create an entire page with the photos we have for spirit week. You can leave the heading on the girls’ feet as I have done but please change the colour of the font or the drop shadow so that the heading is more visible.


January 9th

During today’s class everyone should finish their page template and save it to the templates folder on DEO. I have adjusted the settings so you can all save templates now.

If you scroll down,  on this page you will see the marking criteria.

The following list has your name on it and designated pages for template design.

Template Design Spread Pages

Once you have completed this, please go back to designing the page you have been assigned below. If you do not have a job, please see me or design another template.

Class Discussion Items

– cameras (who has them and who needs one for an upcoming event)

– Baby Grad Photos ( Include or not Include?)

– Club Photographs

– Sports: Let’s begin laying out pages


January 3rd

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a restful and relaxing holiday. We have a lot of work to do over the next four months so let’s just do it. I suspect you have all forgotten this number 756845. No worries. I forgot my BCESIS password, which is much more complex, but still it should be engraved on my being.

To begin with, we have 32 pages (16 spreads) due on Friday, January 20th. For those of you who have spreads that are due, I would like to see them in on January 17th. The spreads we will submit are as follows:

Grade 10 Mugs – Beamish

8 Pages (4 Spreads)

Grade 11 Mugs – Beamish

8 Pages (4 Spreads)

I apologize because I am aware that some confusion has resulted because I revised the first yearbook ladder and called it Yearbook Ladder 2. I have now deleted Yearbook Ladder1. Please focus on Yearbook Ladder 2 – Sheet1


Pages 2 and 3 by Krya  – Photos of JO throughout the pass 100 years, Photo of Ken Macleod holding up Jubilee Annual, Photo of Raj looking at Jubilee Annual — Jubilee = 50 years.  I will provide you with a brief, brief write-up of the History of JO. Please see if you can get Sundeep Sahota to apply sepia filters to some of our older photos and if this is helpful.

Pages 4 and 5 by Pavi and Sundeep  –  I will email these folks asking for write-ups. I will see if they can get them done by the middle of the second week in January. You need to take some nice photos of the administrators alone and maybe a group shop. Then you need to go through the historical photos and find photos of past administrators or go down to the wall in the hall where the photos are and take photos of those photos.

Pages 6 and 7 by OnkeiStaff – Onkei: This is one of those Friesens Flow pages. We can design a custom template. I will keep you advised.

Pages 12 and 13 by Alyzah – Pep Rally – page is complete and serves as a good example of what other pages should like. I would like you all to take a look at these pages.

Pages 14 and 15 by and Priyanka –P14 Clubs Day /Priyanka =P15 Grade 8 Dance (Try and make sure your pages are similar styles.) Please let me know if you need photos to upload to these pages.

Pages 16and 17 by Jagdeesh and Manmeet – You have the right idea. Your photo selections are good but you need to make your photos smaller and divide the page into a grid. The lesson on templates should help.

Pages 18 and 19 by Anne and Mandeep – Hallowe’en and Haunted Barn – I moved your pages over to page 18 and 19. You have the right idea but I would like to see at least 15 pictures. I believe that the Caprial and company photo is the best and will make a could focal picture. The lesson on templates will help you or should help you. Keep up the good work.

Pages 20 and 21 by Manmeet and Jaspreet and Alyzah – Pink Day (Manmeet and Jaspreet) and Filmfest (Alyzah) –These pages are well done. While they are created by different people, the pages work as a spread. For the filmfest page, I would like to see a few more photos. I also would like to see a thank you to Mr Dustin Keller for organizing this day when watch Canadian film. You can find info about the value of Canadian film on Mr Bondi’s blog.

Pages 22 and 23 by Kiran, Priyanka and Chantel – Remembrance Day Ceremonies – at least 15 photos

Pages 28 and 29 – Spirit Week One – Kiran Dhami, Ravneet, and Nidia (We have pictures of nerds, kids in pjs and jerseys.)

Pages 30 and 31 – Jokers Classic – Chandni and Jenna: Please do the girls page which will be page 28. Aim to get both Junior and Senior Girls on the page. (half and half). If we have no pictures of the senior girls, please check Pat Lee’s photos on the S-drive. Hazel can help you with this. Page 31- Ryan and Kevin – Aim to get both Junior and Senior Boys on the page. (half and half). If we have no pictures of the senior girls, please check Pat Lee’s photos on the S-drive. Another option is to go to John Pavao and ask if anyone took photos of the senior and junior boys at Joker’s classic. It we need to we can make this a senior girls basketball page in Hawaii but I have another place in mind where this can go.

Pages 32 and 33 – Winter Madness – Done by Alyzah. Some of the photos need to be lightened up in photoshop. I would also like to see more on the page. We should also thank the host Mr John Pavao.

Pages 48 and 49 – Digital Arts/Education – Shane and Glenalyn – I will help you gather photos for this. Basically, you need photographs of the 2 mini cohorts in Digital Immersion. You also need a picture of the Ipad class. You need photos of the learning commons. You also will need photos of students in digital photography, media arts, web design. You should get photos of Mr Su, Mr Francom and Mr Spence teaching. Please make sure that you take pictures of each of the librarians in the learning commons.

Pages 62 and 63 – Athletics Transition Page – Hazel – We need to create  pages like the transition pages 40 and 41 in the Sullivan Heights annual. Using your connections, please get 6 or more Jerseys that will look good side by side. Bring them to class and we can use class members as models. We do not have to show student faces or feet.


Designing Templates and Principles of Page Layout

– know which photo is your dominant photo

– a primary headline can be (48 points or larger)

– a secondary headline is usually 14 to 20 points

– body copy is usually 10 points

– try and create an eye line that flows across a spread

– you are allowed to bleed photos off the page

– you can place a picture so that it is on 2 pages of a spread, but make sure that no important details will be lost in the fold

– plan your white space

Template Assignment Marking Criteria

– need at least 12 boxes for photos and one for text (heading)

– the word HEADING should be typed in the text box, using the font First Home and should be in one of our three signature colours

– the word HEADING should be typed in 72 points

– will look for clean lines (photo boxes should be one or 2 picas apart; preferably one)

– one eye line across the spread

– one dominant photo box for the spread (the dominant photo should be 2.5 times larger than any other photo)

– you should save your template in the correct place with your name or student number on it so other students can use it they choose to




November 9th – Self Evaluation

Please email me at I reserve the right to subtract to add to your mark as I see fit. I will inform you if I do so.

Part One – Self-Evaluation for Contribution to the Publication to Date /400

What have you contributed to the publication? Have you taken photographs? gone to a seminar? designed a cover? chosen a spread? other??? Did you take notes when speakers came? Were you attentive? Have you looked at annuals for creative ideas?

Part One – Self-Evaluation of use of Class Time /100

Were you on time? Did you attend regularly? Can you log in to DEO and use it effectively? Did you limit your facebook and web exploration time? Were you respectful of students working in the classroom? What have you accomplished while you have been in class? What have you learned?



Information about Friesens:

Website: Connect Me

Recomended Atomic Photoshop Tutorial




October 28th

The following booklet on page layout and design has been provided to us from Friesens: Layout and Spread Design by Friesens



October 11th and 13th

Focus Centennial Yearbook Cover Design

Every student in this class must complete a yearbook cover to be judged next week. The winner will receive a board with their cover design on it from Friesens that they can use in their portfolio.

Please do your work on the templates provided by Friesens. This way we can be assured that the sizing is correct and that you are designing the back, spine, and cover of the yearbook. Scroll down on this page to see how your layout should look.

Many of you are not submitting your work. If you did not email me the notes you took last class, please do so because they count for marks. You also are being marked on your thumbnails and applications so you need to submit these items if you have not. The yearbook cover that you create will count for marks.


October 3rd

Editors: Please read the email that I have sent to your hotmail accounts.


Yearbook Cover Contest

Due Date: October 14th (End of Class)

Everyone must complete at least one cover which will be worth 1oo marks. Editors must also complete a cover. You may submit more than one cover but only your best  cover will be marked.

You will have class time to work on them today, October 12th and October 14th. If you wish to work on them at other times, please email me and we will some more time for you in the lab.

Before October 14th or on October 14th, you must email your cover to me as a jpeg or and indesign file. Please email it to the following address:

We will invite Melissa in from Friesens the following week to help judge the cover submissions.

Please note: If you do not have the templates for the cover saved to your documents, the TOC today should has a flash drive with these templates on. They are in a file folder called Yearbook Covers.

Take 5 to 10 minutes just to glance at some covers for inspiration.


Links to Yearbook Covers

Why look at online fashion when you can look at yearbook covers!!! Here are some helpful links:

Yearbook Cover Design Examples

Yearbook Design Covers – When you visit this site make sure to click on the gallery link at the bottom right hand corner. It says: View sample yearbook covers and pages in our gallery.

Herff Jones Cover Gallery


September 29th

You all should start using your Atomic Learning Accounts. My what??? Your Atomic Learning account. How????

Log onto or simply go to

What is my user name?

Your user name is your google email address: _

What is password? It is atomic.

Once you are on the site, please create a password that you can remember.

Okay, but why do you want me to go to this site?

I want you to view and watch the tutorials on Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.


September 27th

A great big thank you to Raj for finding out that we will be producing the centennial edition of the John Oliver Secondary yearbook. This is a real cool opportunity. Let’s face it we have been waiting a hundred years for it…..well, sort of, kind of, okay, maybe not. The point is that this is a unique opportunity to create a yearbook that reveals not only who we are but who we were.

Today, I am going to give back all of your applications for yearbook positions. I would like you to take about ten minutes and choose a second choice for a position or fill out the application if you have not submitted it.  You should look at descriptions of the  yearbook positions again.

Extra Important — Class Cover Competition

You are each to submit your best cover design. This assignment must be done and will be marked. You are to use the Photoshop of InDesign template that I will provide you with.








The first thing everyone needs to do is activate their google mail account. You do this by using your first initial and last name. Your password, for now, is your student number.

Once you have your account up and running. Please email me at

Please read this form which describes yearbook positions: Description of Yearbook Positions

The following is an application form that everyone must fill out: Yearbook Application Form