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December 9th, 2014

Converting a Photograph to a Drawing



November 5th – Create a photopeach presentation. Include the Remembrance Day Facts or Why We Wear a Poppy Facts in your presentation.

Remembrance Day Facts
– Remembrance Day is on November 11th
– we wear a red poppy in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for us during the wars
– the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 marked the end of World War I
–  at 11 am on the 11th of  November 1918 guns fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare
– it is a special day set aside to remember all those men and women who were killed during the two World Wars and in other conflicts

– the “Last Post” is traditionally played before the two minute silence at Remembrance Day ceremonies


– Poppies grew in Flanders Fields, where many soldiers were buried.

–  Flanders is in Belgium

– some of the most bloodiest fighting in the First World War was in Belgium

– many soldiers were buried in Flanders Fields

– poppies bloomed in Flanders Fields

– poppies only bloom in rooted up soil

–  poppies  bloom in warm weather.

–  poppies brought hope and colourto those still fighting

–  poppies reminded fighting soldiers of life


Wordle is personally one of my favorite sites. This site allows you to create beautiful word clouds. You might find that you create such a beautiful “wordle” that you want to share it with your friends. You can take a screenshot of your wordle.

Wordle: Wendy's Brand New Pair of Rollerskates

This wordle was made by Ms Beamish.

Wordle: Sim's The Simpsons movie Spider Pig Song

This wordle was made by Sim.

Wordle: Boss titanium

This wordle was made by Donald.

Wordle: Timothy leave it all to me

This wordle was made by Timothy.

Wordle: shivam what makes you beautiful

This wordle was made by Shivam

Wordle: kate perry

This wordle was made by Kevin.

Wordle: jason backstreet boys

This wordle was made by Jason.
Wordle: My favourite stuff

This wordle was made by Henry.

Wordle: Camille

This wordle was made by Camille.

Wordle: princess vareena

This wordle was made by Vareena.

Wordle: rq

This wordle was made by Richard.

Adobe Illustrator

Turning a Photograph into an Illustration

At last, something simple, but worth doing:


And something a little more complicated, but worth doing:



Adobe Illustrator

Using Swatches to Create Patterns



March 26th

Happy Spring! I hope you had a nice holiday and are ready to come back and learn, as well as have some fun.


One site we should explore is one that some of you already are on but the rest of us need to get accounts.


Animated Story Telling


Later this week, we will look at a site called Pinterest.

February 14th, 2012 – Happy Valentine’s Day

If you wish to send someone a special e-card, visit  123E-Cards.

January 3rd, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you are all rested and ready to do some more fantastic work. By the way, did anyone see Santa? I think that my dog, Brodie, did. I heard him barking and then eating some carrots.

This is a great time to experiment with brushes. Lets download some free brushes from:


Another good source is



Layers and Drawing

December 9th

Let’s try Sumo Paint.  You will notice many of the tools are like Photoshop. We will experiment with the kaleidoscope adjustment tool.

November 29th

Lets have some fun with Photoshop and patterns. We will visit Vimeo which is a great source of educational videos related toPhotoshop and video.

November 16th

Wow! You guys are amazing with photoshop. I am amazed by the amount of learning happening in Room 309. I want to make you aware of a couple sites that I think you will enjoy. They are


At this site, you can create art much like you do in photoshop.

Online Photo Editor

This may be the closest version to an online version of photoshop. I think you will like this.


Hello Everyone!



October 17th – Uploading Images to Google Documents

1/ Sign in and go to Google Documents

2/ Below the  John Oliver Crest are two buttons: Create New and Upload. Press the Upload button.

3/When the drop down menu appears, select file.

4/ Once your image is uploaded, it will appear in the Images and Videos section of your Google Documents account.


October 3rd – And you thought you wouldn’t see me today. Please watch the clip below.

Things to do today:

1/ Try and set up an atomic learning account. If one of you is successful, you can watch the 5 minute Facebook video. If you cannot set up your accounts, no worries, we will do it later.

2/ Go wild! Kidding. Go creative. Use one of the tools/applications we have worked with and create a surprise for your classmates and myself.

What tools/applications have you worked with?

– photobucket

– fake magazine covers

– faceinhole

– animoto

– photopeach


Get your JO Atomic Learning Account

You all should start using your Atomic Learning Accounts. My what??? Your Atomic Learning account. How????

Log onto or simply go to

What is my user name?

Your user name is your google email address: _

What is my password? It is atomic.

Once you are on the site, please create a password that you can remember.

Okay, but why do you want me to go to this site?

There are many tutorials on this site. There are even tutorials for facebook.


Using Photobucket to Create Awesome Effects

1/ Go to photobucket and get an acccount.    Photobucket

2/ Upload a photograph of yourself to photobucket.

3/ Mouse over the top of your photo and when you see the word “edit” click on it.

4/Use the “Effects” menu to create 5 different effects on the original photograph of yourself 5 times. Each time you create one effect, you should save your photo as “save as” and give it a name. When you finish you will have 5 different photos.

5/ Email me your 2 favorite photos as a attachments.



Cyberbullying: What is it? What do you do if you are a victim? What do you do if you are a bully?

Cyberbullying or Harmless Teasing?

Watch the video at the above link. Do you think this is harmless fun or simply cruel?

This link provides some interest information about what cyber-bullying is and where it takes place:

Wikipedia on Cyber-bullying




My Lovely Dog Brodie

I made this image with Face in  Hole. The link is Face in Hole

Have you ever wanted to be on a magazine cover? Well, now you can. Visit Fake Magazine Covers


Another fun thing to do is create slide shows with great images and music. I recommend the following 2 sites:







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