Journalism – May – 2011

Hey Everyone! I am unable to edit the Journalism page on this blog so I have started this one.

May 11th

Please do not forget that this issue is thematic and deals with Inclusion at JO. You should try and weave a thought of two about inclusion into your articles.  We need more information on the Special Needs kids at John Oliver.

Many of you are not using google apps yet.

Photographs Needed

Special Ed Kids

Track Championships

Information Needed

What happened to Nema in the Idol contest on May 6th? Update is needed.

Is Kenya still happening? Can you please get a photo of Gurinder Cheema or someone who is going on the trip and put it on the S-drive.

Possible Articles

The Special Ed kids in Room 108 are making a very special quilt. Could someone at least get a photograph of this. A brief article would be nice.

May 17th is National? Homophobia Day – Please check out what the Rainbow Diversity Club is doing?


First of all, I hope that everyone of you has accessed their account on Google Docs. It is a much more efficient way to communicate and share documents.

How do I access my Google Apps account?

Thanks for asking! Your user name is your first initial followed by your last name. Everyone in this class has a last name, right?

Okay, but what is my password?

I thought you would never ask. It is your student number.

Because this paper is taking a long time to put together, I thought that we would create a longer paper and include prom and the multicultural show. I am now aiming to publish this paper by June 1st. (If we have time left, we may put out a short 4 page paper with year end news in it, but this is highly unlikely.)

You will all need to submit at least one more article for this term.

Photos Needed ASAP

2 photos of Ms Emi Garzitto

Does anyone have a photo a recent photo of Mr Sheikh? Devin?

Juma, Kyle, and Mr Virk together. Maybe, you can get a photo of Mr Fuoco?

Rajan – can you get me photos of the people you interviewed about the honour roll?

Special Needs Kids

Articles Needed


Multicultural Show

Why are we not having Dry Grad?

Gagan – I need your article.

Eugene – Your article sounds very promising. Please keep working on it.

I am just warming up and I will have more requests later.

When can we work on the paper?

Friday, May 6th – After school

Tuesday, May 10th – After school

Thursday, May 12th – After school

I will throw some extra marks your way for helping. Please email me at

if you can help.


Please submit your photos and completed pages to Beamish Photos and then JUNE PAPER.

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