Journalism 12 – Style Guide

The Fourth Floor – Style Guide

In no particular order:

– use microsoft word

– articles are to be written in Times New Roman (10) and headlines are to be written in Verdana. Please refer to formatting guidelines for more information.

– double space

– Canadian Spelling — EXAMPLE: Neighbour (with a “u”)

– If commas are optional, do not use. — EXAMPLE: I like dogs, cats and horses.

– The first name of a staff member’s name will be Ms or Mr (no period) then the first name and then the last — EXAMPLE: Ms Wendy Beamish

– subsequent references to a staff member’s name will be Ms or Mr (no period) then the last name — EXAMPLE: Ms Beamish

– references to any other adult do not need to be prefaced with Mr or Ms — EXAMPLE: William Shakespeare

– subsequent references must be last name only

– the first time a student’s name is mentioned use the first and last name and identify the grade — Example: Amit Takher, Grade 11

– subsequent references to the student’s name may be made by the first name if it is clearly the same student— Example: Amit

– John Oliver’s  abbreviated name is JO and never Jayo

– when writing about a particularly grade, write the word “Grade” and then the number and an apostrophe and finally the letter “s”  — EXAMPLE Grade 8’s

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