Journalism 12

2010 – 2011

The Fourth Floor is divided into four major sections: 1/ Powerful Opinions, 2/School News, 3/Sports and Clubs 4/Arts and Lifestyle.  Each issue of the paper includes a feature.

May 3rd

Please sign up for Google Documents. This is the easiest way to share information. If you look under the April 5th entry, you can see how to access your Google Docs account.

WANTED – Current  individual photos of  Administration.

Devin – Did you interview Mr Sheikh on leaving JO? Do you have a photo?

April 5th

Welcome back! How did you enjoy your longer spring break? (There is a story in this.)

We need to start using Google Apps in this class. This means that everyone of you needs to log on to google apps. How?

On the JO home page, you can click on the apps tab on the far right and click mail. Now, you’re in business. Chances are that you email address is your first initial followed by your last name

I am

When people have the same first initial and same last name, the system will use the first 2 initials for their addresses.

You can log on with your student number and once you do, please email me at

Why do I need yet another email account? I hear your cry.

Answer: Because with your new email account, you gain access to google documents and a lot more. Google documents will allow you to share your documents with me  so that I can edit of make suggested changes. The entire class could work on one document together, but I would not advise it.

At this point, just sign on to the site.  I have edited most of your articles in google docs and can share them with you.

BTW – the next time you have a document to create, instead of using Word or Open Office try using Google Documents.

Photographers Needed for April 13th Excellence Assemblies – We need one photographer for Block 2.1 and one for Block 2.2. Please email me asap if you will take this on.

Publishing the Next Paper

Students who are willing to stay in after school on Wednesday and/or Friday this week should let me know asap. You will help layout the paper and do other helpful tasks. Pizza dinner will be provided. You can reach me at either of my email addresses or let Ms Mitchell know.


Congratulations on the January issue of  The Fourth Floor ! We have  received numerous compliments.


Magazine Cover Assignment

Value 150 Marks

Due Now

Purpose: To help you develop skills in using Indesign and Photoshop.

Please Note: This is not the assignment Mr Francom assigned to you early this year. What Mr Francom assigned was a magazine interview not a magazine cover.

Submission:  Please email me your cover at You can send it as a jpeg, indesign or pdf file. Another way of submitting your work is through the s-dive. To do so go to My Computer where you will see a list of drives. Select the place with the drive with a small” s which means shared drive. When it opens up, put your work in hand-in which will prompt more files to open up. Select Journalism 12 as your destination file.

Please send your completed work to this email address:

I am quoting myself now. I wrote this in early January and it is on this blog!


– please submit these to the S Drive

– You will be evaluated on the following A/ Does you cover resemble the real magazine?  B/ Visual Appeal – Will consumers want to pick up this magazine and read it? C/ Are your headings related to content relative to the magazine’s genre? D/ Do the headings grab the consumer’s attention and are they topics that the magazine target audience will want to read about? (Please do not make any grammatical and or spelling errors. Marks will be deducted for this.)

If you have submitted your magazine cover and would like to revise it, you may do so.  When you resubmit you cover, write revised at the end of the file name so that I know to mark this copy.

All magazine covers should be submitted by January 12th and I will mark them.”

You are now permitted to email the assignment to me. In fact, I would prefer that you did. I am willing to help you after school on Day 2’s next week but then that is it. The other thing that has changed is that your magazine cover may be done with photoshop only. Therefore, you do not have to use Indesign at all.

You  may choose any magazine that really exists and design a cover for it. You should put someone you know on the cover or even yourself. Get dressed up and have someone take you photograph. Do you already have a photograph? I bet you do. Use it.

Try and make the cover look as real as possible. This means that you should use fonts that the magazine uses and replicate the title of the magazine as closely as possible. Think of this way you are designing a knock off magazine cover.

Make sure you print headings about what the reader will find in the magazine. (You will sell more magazines this way. JOKE) However, on the cover you should describe what is in this issue and write the month and date.

Your document size should be letter sized. If you use Indesign, create a letter sized document with no margins. If you use Photoshop, create a document that is 8.5 inches by 10.5 inches.


Photo Shoot Assignment

You may email it this assignment to Ms Mitchell but I need it submitted to the assignment on the s-drive. Why? Because the photos you email will be compressed and it is better to use high quality images for the newspaper.


Journalists are asked to keep their articles to roughly 250 words, but some articles will be longer and others shorter.

Tuesday, January 14th Yippee! We are through the most difficult for the first paper. I will need to tune it up but Mr Bondi is now doing the “big” edit.

I have attached a link to a topic that has being courting some interest: BasketballCourtsInclusion Okay, the link is in blue. Please be advised that you may have to click on it twice to view the PDF.

Journalists, only a few of you emailed me on Friday and I am going to overlook this because I have the feeling you all worked last week. I know this because most of you emailed me earlier in the week. You all owe me a magazine cover which I will take off the S-drive when I am able to come in.

This term you are responsible for completing 1/ a photo shot assignment 2/ at least one article for the paper and the work assigned by Ms Mitchell.

FRIDAY, January 14th

Wow, Journalists, you are not scary at all anymore. All I need is a picture of Mr. Saplameff.

Please remember that you must email me stating what you did today. This will be the last time and then I will turn you over to Ms Mitchell. (One thing that Ms Mitchell and I will do is look at your proposals for articles together. We will ask you to do photo shoots of new events and since we are moving onto a new term, we will appoint new editors. Please let me know if you are interested in editing.)

WEDNESDAY, January 12th Okay, Journallists you are becoming a lot less scary but there are still some things I need you to complete.



– for the new teacher article by Eugene and co., I need the first names of the new teachers: Mr Monga, Mr Dial, and Ms Symons. I also need a picture of Ms Symons that is not out of focus.  Could you please email me this information asap. I will take the photo as an attachment which is generally not a good practice.  Can you also take a picture of the Grade 9 counselour  and email it to me asap. I also need you to verify some information. In your old teachers article, you write that Ms Mah has been teaching 28 years, Ms Eng 21 years,  Mr Wiseman 16 years and Ms Johnston 11 years. It is not clear to me if they have been teaching all these years at JO. Can someone from your group find out how long these teachers have been teaching at JOHN OLIVER and email me ASAP. YOU HAVE A WEEK TO DO THIS. PLEASE GET ME THE PHOTO OF THE GRADE 9 COUNSELOR. I ALSO NEED A PHOTO OF Mr. Saplameff.  IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS WORK YOU WILL RECEIVE A LOW MARK AT THE END OF THE WEEK – MAYBE 2/50. I AM SERIOUS AND YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO LEAVE ALL THESE LOOSE ENDS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE AND CAN FOLLOW THROUGH SO JUST DO IT. WE ARE ALL COUNTING ON YOU. AND WHEN YOU HAVE DOUBTS, THINK OF  THE NUMBER 2. Okay, I will not scream anymore.


While I hope that the people named to do specific tasks will follow through and do them, Editor Sonia, Editor Caprial and Editor Jagdeesh, it is your responsibility to see that these things actually get done. THEY HAVE MY PERMISSION TO … . I also need a picture of Mr Jeff Spence. I am sure you can go down to his room.

Monday, January 1oth Okay, some of you are scaring me. Last class, you were instructed to send me an email and explain what you had been working on in class. If you did, I gave you a mark out of 50. If you did not, I gave you a 0. I checked the attendance to make sure that I was being fair.

If you think that you got a o and judge the twitter poetry contest with a friend or 2, you will receive an automatic 50. The rest of you can still receive marks but it is very unlikely that I will give you 50 for last week. By the way, people who opt to work on their magazine covers are working on a late assignment and therefore not receiving full marks. Journalists must be able to make deadlines. With the exception of the magazine cover, which you can submit to the S drive, YOU MUST EMAIL ME ALL YOUR WORK. I do not have access to the S-drive at home.

Allow me to reiterate: YOU MUST EMAIL ME ALL YOUR MARK.

So can you please send me that beautiful group photo that you took last week so that I can put on page 2.


If you have questions, please email me.

Sonia, Jagdeesh and Caprial are editors: therefore, they will be checking to see if you do what you need to do.

If I am able to give this paper to Mr Bondi for the big edit, we could have it printed next week. We are that close.

Thursday, January 6th

Please read the information for January 4th.  Today, you are each expected to email me, telling me what you have done in Journalism during this block and the last. If you have nothing to do today, please write the opinion piece on reading and boys. It is described further down on this page. Your email will count for marks.

Photographs – I only need a photograph of the music teacher who filled out the new teacher form thing for me online. I do not need one of Ms Wong. (PE) I am waiting for all the other photos.

Cameras – Ms Mitchell should have both cameras now. The plugs are for recharging the camera battery and also have USB cords. If the battery dies, you basically plug the entire camera into the wall. The USB attachment is on the bottom of the camera.

Tuesday, January 4th

Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful winter holiday.  While I have been and will be absent, I am in a position to work on the paper. Layout is sort of a hobby of mine and I hope that many of you come to enjoy it the way I do.

Thanks to Allen for remaining in touch with me over the holidays and writing articles. There is no reason why the paper cannot be printed this month. I wish that I could be there with you. Putting the paper together can be demanding work but it is always interesting for me when I work on it with students because I can see where students are strong and also, we share a pizza.

Please do not, do not, do not, go by the Galileo Room. I have received a complaint. There are staff members who are vigilantly watching that room.


While I hope that the people named to do specific tasks will follow through and do them, Editor Sonia and Editor Jagdeesh, it is your responsibility to see that these things actually get done.

I would like a class photo. Hopefully, one of you has a camera. (Sanam should.) Go out into the hall onto the stairs and allow your TOC to take your photo so I can put it in the paper. If you feel you are having a bad whatever day, position yourself in the back row.  You always look wonderful to me but I know someone is going to start complaining about a bad hair day or bad shoe day of a bad  … . You get the picture. Now, get out into the central stairway and step into it. Oh, and please, do not forget to email me the picture.


– for the new teacher article by Eugene and co., I need the first names of the new teachers: Mr Monga, Mr Dial, and Ms Symons. I also need a picture of Ms Symons that is not out of focus. I would like to know if Mr Sommerfeld is back because I believe you interviewed his TOC.  Could you please email me this information asap. I will take the photo as an attachment which is generally not a good practice.  Can you also take a picture of the Grade 9 counselour  and email it to me asap. I also need you to verify some information. In your old teachers article, you write that Ms Mah has been teaching 28 years, Ms Eng 21 years,  Mr Wiseman 16 years and Ms Johnston 11 years. It is not clear to me if they have been teaching all these years at JO. Can someone from your group find out how long these teachers have been teaching at JOHN OLIVER and email me ASAP.



Please tidy up your article and email it to me asap. You need to include research in your article.


I need at least a good quality photograph. Please email this photograph to me. I also would not mind a short article of 200-250 words on this topic. Perhaps the facebook group could do this instead of the facebook article.


I have all your images for page one. Thank you! However, I need you to email me the actual page. Do not to any work on it and do not change the file extension. In other words, I would like you to send the first page to me as an Indesign page so I can edit it. If you are unable to do this, email me and let me know and I will recreate what you did because I more or less remember the layout.


I am keeping track of who is doing what so I can give these students full marks for contributing the publication. If you do something extra or go out of your way, I will make a note of it.

Sonia and Partners -Could you please take a photograph of Mr Bondi and email it to me. You can be in the photo. I would like it to go with your interview.

Sarah and Rubal – You may have taken photos of  the students you asked the “burning” questions. I only have one of Maneet Bahia. You asked Mr Spence these questions so could you please get a photo of him. You also spoke with Pam Singh, Simran Sandhu, Gurinder Cheema, Davis Moralis, Sanobar Patel, Akino Zheng, Fu Heng Chao and Michael Lopez. Why do you have a question mark beside Akino Zheng’s name???? Can you please email your attachments asap. It would be better if Sarah tried to get photos and if Rubal worked on the last page because that needs to be done this week.

Rubal – by the end of the week you should email me the last page of the paper. Please send it as Indesign document. You should have no broken links. (Allen can show you how to avoid these.)

Journalism Cameras

Sanam, I believe you have one. I have the other at home. You are going to have to do your best with what you have for a couple of weeks.


Does anyone have pictures of the following events: Can Food Drive or Jokers Classic (I have some that Jagdeesh and Sonia took.) ? I also need photos or a photo of the school dance to go with Devin’s article on Blackout?

Vyvy – Could someone in from your “group” please take a photo of you watching Jersey Shore or one of your friends in the class watching Jersey Shore? BTW — I watched 2 episodes. It has some entertainment value (perhaps, shock value) but it is in no way intellectually stimulating.  It is sort of stupid with outrageously shocking people ranting and raving about this and that.

Devin – I put a picture of you by your reading article. We need boys to speak out on this issue.  However, perhaps you have a photo of yourself you want to send  me.


Here is a nice little assignment for a group of  2 -4.  You will judge the TWITTER CONTEST. I have selected the best Twitter poems that the DI mini English 8 class has written. All you need to do is look at these poems and select the best 5 or 6 poems for the January paper. I have provided a link here so you can read the poemsPoemsfor4thFloor. You must do this in a speedy fashion. I need to know what poems you have selected asap.


Seriously, really, well you need not worry. If you find that you have nothing to work on this week or the TOC  wants you to work on an assignment because you lack focus, here is the assignment:

Reading novels is not cool for boys to be seen doing. ( AGREE OR DISAGREE – 250 Words ) Think about it. Should boys be seen reading in the halls? Is reading something girls do? Are boys who read not masculine? Perhaps, you are a boy and are a closet reader. Should all boys who want to read be closet readers to preserve their images? Perhaps, you are an extremist and think boys should not be seen reading at all. It does not matter whether it is novel or newspaper, boys should not read in public. BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Is it not socially acceptable for boys to saunter down the halls reading their text messages?

(We live in the information age, and yet  low reading levels are epidemic in some parts of Vancouver. Perhaps, it is time to put things like image and stereotypes aside because the reality is that in the information age, people need to be more literate than ever. In this age, it is not what you know but how fast you can find information. You need to be literate to do this.)

As you write your article, try and address the questions above. It is an opinion piece so say what you think and justify your opinions.


You are to email me and attach the assignment above or email me and explain why you did not do the assignment. I know some people already have other things to do but I predict that about half of you will need to work on this assignment to stay focused.

I should receive an email from everyone and I will mark you on what you do this week.  Your TOC can email me and let me know if you are not productive.


– please submit these to the S Drive

– You will be evaluated on the following A/ Does you cover resemble the real magazine?  B/ Visual Appeal – Will consumers want to pick up this magazine and read it? C/ Are your headings related to content relative to the magazine’s genre? D/ Do the headings grab the consumer’s attention and are they topics that the magazine target audience will want to read about? (Please do not make any grammatical and or spelling errors. Marks will be deducted for this.)

If you have submitted your magazine cover and would like to revise it, you may do so.  When you resubmit you cover, write revised at the end of the file name so that I know to mark this copy.

All magazine covers should be submitted by January 12th and I will mark them.

Spring Paper

Look at the event calendar online, you should be planning  a proposal for an article you would like to report on for the Spring paper. Each of you must do at least two.  Reporting assignments will be given more or less on a first come first served basis. For this reason, as soon as you come up with a proposal, you should email it to me.


Monday, December 6th

Thank you to all of the students who came in on Friday and accomplished a significant amount. A great big thanks to Michelle for completing Page 3. Thanks Chakshoo for working on Page 1. Also, M and M good work on the beginning of Page 4. Jyotika, thanks for keeping things in line and helping with the facebook article that needs to be polished.

Wednesday, December 8th is a Pro-D Day. If you would like to come into the school and work on the paper at 1 PM, please email me. We could get a lot done in an afternoon. I need to know if you are coming in so that I go to the 309 in the afternoon.

Allen – If you are willing to work on any articles for the paper that we discussed, please do so. Reel Canada, Remembrance Day and Jokers Classic come to mind. Please feel free to assign these articles to others. I do have the missing photos for your collage.

Rubal and Sarah: Please work on the collage at the back of the paper. All of the pictures you need are in the S-Drive in a folder that says Beamish Photos. Please create a folder to save your InDesign page and all of your photos. Call it Rubal/Sarah. Take a look at Allen’s folder in the S drive.

Keep working on the facebook article.

Sanam – You can work on Page 2 as we discussed last class.

Please Note: There are problems with the Headers on top of the newspaper templates. This in because I gave Michelle some erroneous instructions. Basically, the print on the Header should just touch the guideline on top of the page. The line needs to be moved up or redone. All templates are in the Beamish folder.

Monisha and Manpreet – Yikes! I was so incredibly tired when I was working with you on Friday that I think I kept calling Monisha by the wrong name. 😉  Sorry. I also figured out the problems with guidelines. I completed page 4 but can assign you another page if you are interested on Wednesday. Generally speaking, I was very tired on Friday and not at my best in terms of giving directions.

Everyone needs to complete a a magazine cover created in InDesign. Please make sure that your magazine really exists. Try to mimic the font used in the magazine title. You should do this on a letter sized document with .5 margins all around the page.

Everyone should look at the outline below and make sure that their article(s) are included somewhere in the outline. If they are not, please email me.

Remember to submit any completed work to the S-Drive to Hand-in and then Journalism 12.

December 3rd The templates that Michelle created are in the S-Drive in a file called Beamish. Everything else you need should be in this file, too.

If you are working on a specific page, please save the Indesign page and all of the photos in a folder with your name on. There is a folder in the S Drive called “Allen” that is a good example.

If you are not working on the front page or a collage, your photos need to be gray scaled with Photoshop. Before you do this crop your photos and make sure that you set the resolution at 300. You may need to lighten your photo up. Error on the side of editing a photo so that is too light. Photos tend to print darker. Please save your photos as tiffs.

When you place a photo in InDesign, it is common practice to place a black stroke around it that is sized at .5.

It is likely that you will want to re-size your image.  Please hold the shift key down as you do this to avoid distortion.

PLAN – PAGE BY PAGE (Updated Sunday, December 5th)

Page 2 – Most of page 2 will be on the “burning question” about longer Fridays. Include as many student photos as possible.

Page 3 – School News – Heading – Big Story – Eyes of Hope and Jasmine by Joytika and Partner – Terry Fox Run

Page 4  -School News – Diwali, Day of Dead, Oprah of Aganistan

Page 5 –  School News – Bondi Interviews and Reading Intervention by Devin

Page 6 and 7 – Multimedia in Our Midst (Digital Days)

Page 8 – School News – Some New Teachers and Old Teachers Views

Page 9-  School News – Fighting for a Cure

Page 10 Arts and Lifestyle  – Twitter Poetry, France Exchange, Dance

Page 11 – Arts and Lifestyle – Jersey Shore (2)  – Facebook


December 1st – Thanks to Eugene, Allen, Chakshoo and Kelsy for staying in on Tuesday and working on the paper.  We all enjoyed a type of pizza called Eugene’s baby.

I need a team to work with me after school on Thursday and I will order a pizza for you, too.

Editing will be much easier now because we have: This site is my new baby.  From now on I would like you to enter all your articles into this site and revise them before submitting them. This should cut down on editing drastically. We cannot focus on the content of the paper and the way articles are written.

My editors need to come run all the articles through spellcheckplus, which finds grammatical and punctuation errors.

We need someone who is willing to gather information or write mini articles for certain events. One would be Remembrance Day and the other would be Jokers Classic. I also think we should do a brief write up on film festival. These articles just have to be a hundred words or so and address the W5. If you are willing to go out and get the information but would like someone else to write a mini article, we can handle it.

November 26th – Will there be a December paper or will there not? Journalists, things are looking a little bleak. Very few of you are interested in committing to put the paper together. A December paper can happen with your help. I cannot do it alone.

Pictures Needed:

– Ms Aulakh and Jasmine

November 16th – Everyone of you should have an article (really 2) submitted. Failure to do so will result in a zero and will effect your Term 1 mark. However, when you submit the work, it will not effect your final mark for the year.

Is it possible to get a picture of FFC to go with Allen and Michelle’s article?

November 10th

We need photos of the following: 1/Jasmine and Ms Aulakh (How is that article coming?) 2/Grad Breakfast (Is any one willing to write an article on this event?) 3/ The African Grandma’s 4/ Fighting for a Cure Club 5/Vy Vy looking at JS online 6/Terry Fox Run 7/School Dance 8/Remembrance Day Ceremony

Collage for the Back Page – Day of the Dead, Diwali, Grade 12 Breakfast, Terry Fox Run (Theme: Jokers at Play) What else would you suggest we do for this page?

November 8th

Your first assignment for the term should be completed by the end of this week – November 10th. Please submit it to the S Drive.

Several of you said you would bring in photos. Please submit these in a file with your name on it. Your file folders should be placed in the S Drive.

November 2nd

A Friendly Reminder:

If you are covering an  event and it is not during class time and you have another class, you need to  get an orange slip from me and ask your teacher for permission to miss class.

We  need someone to cover the Steve Nash event on Friday.

October 29

You must complete your 2 articles (250 words) by November 15th. Please make sure that you get all the work done for Mr Francom as these marks will count for most of your letter grade.

If you are an Editor, you only have to do one written article. If you are laying out a page, you only have to do one article.

Please read under Articles that Matter so you can see the changes I made.

October 20th

We have student teachers from UBC visiting us today.

You will continue working on your Mr Francom assignment and this will be the last class in which you will have to work on it. If you do not finish, you will have to schedule a time to come into the lab or submit what you have late to Mr Francom.

Mr Francom is bringing in a guest speaker on October 25th.

I have updated articles that matter. Please scroll down. You should see your name here twice. If you do not, it is time to propose a new suggestion for an article or take on an assignment below that does not have a name attached to it.

October 18th

Hello, Journalists!

It is good to back. I have heard fantastic things about you and I am excited to be putting The Fourth Floor together with you.

First of all, when you come to class, log onto my blog. I will usually have some information here for you.

Secondly, you can save your photos and articles to the S-Drive. Open my computer and then open the S-Drive. You will see a file called Hand-in.  Open the Hand in file and find the Journalism file. This is where you are to submit your work.

There is also a Hand out file in there. Occasionally I will have work in there for  you.

Thirdly, I understand you are in the middle of an assignment which is posted on Mr Francom’s Blog and I will give you time to work on it today. Please submit these assignments to Mr Francom.

Fourthly, you need to complete two articles this term for the paper.

Articles that Matter for the First Issue:

Pakistan Fund Raising –  Allen

One: Digital page layout (centre) – Allen

Two: Digital page layout (centre) – Sonia and compny

France Trip – Hannah

Movie Review – Hamraj

Old Teachers –

Gagan, Jason, Eugen and Rajan

Day of the Dead – Sanam

What is all this hype about Steve Nash –

Oprah of Afganistan- Sanam and Kelsey

Me to We Day (Ms Aulakh and Jasmine) – need to interview both – Caprial

PAC – Big Meeting – Why so many parents? (Believe me this is a good thing. You will need to interview Mr H.)  Devin

Lights, Cameras, Lights — no lights — why?(Interview Mr Bondi) – Manpreet and Chakshoo

Digital Immersion – Why are all these Grade 8’s walking around with lap tops? (Interview Mr Bondi) – Jagdesh and Caprial

New Teachers – Gagan, Jason, Eugen and Rajan

Feature – 2 colour pages in the middle of the paper – Proposal: Digital Media takes JO in New Directions  (These are collage or visual narrative pages.)

Fighting for a Cure – Allen and Michelle

Coaching Course – Michelle and Hannah

Terry Fox Run – Monisha and Manpreet

Facebook Safety – Sarah, Kiran and Priyanka

Jersey Shore – Vy Vy

Influence of Jersey Show – Jyotika

Spirit Week – (Any aspect of Spirit Week, including Halloween Dance)

From Mr Francom’s Blog:


Today we’ll start our first photo assignment…here’s the outline:

magazine cover photo assignment: camera work


Practice Interview Assignment (DUE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2010)

Today: Find a partner, and interview each other about your current lives (both at school and outside school).  Imagine that your both are some sort of celebrity, and we’re interested in the details of your lives!  Try to find a particular “angle” to write about…don’t just make it general info.

1. Brainstorm questions BEFORE you start interviewing.

2. As you interview each other, take extensive notes.

3. Once finished, write an article based on your interview…because it’s a human interest story, we don’t need to use a strict inverted triangle format, but make sure to include the most important info first so that later parts can be cut if necessary.

4. REVISE!!!  At least two times…ask your teacher for help, or ask a friend in class.

5. Make sure you have followed The Fourth Floor writing guidelines…use the correct font sizes, and include headlines, secondary headlines, bylines, etc.

6. If time allows, take a picture of the person to use in your article.  If possible (this may not be possible, but try), upload it, and place it where you want it in the article (cut and paste, and move it around).

7. Hand in all edits and brainstormed questions so I can see your writing process.  Total mark /20






Congrats Journalists, you made it through the year!!

Now that you’re almost done, feel free to check your marks with Mr. Francom.  If there is a problem with your marks, here are some frequent causes:

  1. NO NAME!  Several articles were submitted with only one partner’s name…if you think this has happened to you, come see me.
  2. Wrong e-mail address.  All work should be submitted to
  3. Can’t remember if it went to Ms. Beamish or Mr. Francom: If you’re not sure, send ME a copy and I will make sure it gets marked.

Just a reminder, that photo essays are now OVERDUE!!  This means 0/250 if it is not handed in.  Congrats to those of you that handed them in.  All photo essays that have been handed in are marked with comments, and can be taken off the S Drive in the Journalism>Photo Essay.

Articles submitted for The Fourth Floor are marked, and can be found on the S-Drive in the Journalism>Fourth Floor Submissions>Originals folder.

General Submissions for past work are in the Journalism>General Submissions folder.

The last day for submissions for this course is Friday, June 11, 2001 at Noon.

Good luck to all of you, and it was great to get to teach you for a short time!

The Fourth Floor is divided into four major sections: 1/ Powerful Opinions, 2/School News, 3/Sports and Clubs 4/Arts and Lifestyle.  Each issue of the paper includes a feature. This papers feature will be John Oliver in the Community. The first issue of the paper should come out in late November or early December. We will aim to put out four issues of the paper this year.

Journalists are asked to keep their articles to roughly 250 words, but some articles will be longer and others shorter.

May 2oth – Journalists, I am hearing some wonderful things about you. I have placed two documents below. One is a PDF page on formatting your articles so you can earn higher marks and the other is to do with formatting the paper.

FF Article Formatting Guidelines

Style Guide

May 18th – Testing, Testing, Testing! Is there anyone out there? Journalists, do you still visit this blog? First of all, I am recovering much more quickly than I anticipated. Secondly, I wish I was there. Third – the big bad third – please get your articles into Mr Francom so that he can edit and mark them for the final paper. You must format your articles properly. Avoid mistakes and write clearly. Make sure your facts are accurate. The more work we as editors need to do on your articles, the lower your mark will be. I am editing what came in before April 30th and Mr Francom is editing what came in after the 3oth.

If you are doing a collage, this counts as a school assignment. Some of you have done more than necessary already and will be rewarded for this.

Take care and I will see you at prom.

Journalists: Did you know that the comments function is turned on this page? Sonika, I know you know. If you have questions, concerns, friendly greetings or anything appropriate, feel free to post your thoughts.

May 06, 2010

Hey Folks

Hurray, my very first post on this blog!  Make sure to Ready Ms. Beamish’s last post regarding ideas for the paper, and come sign up for a role with me as soon as possible.  Many of you have already done this, and that’s fantastic!  Keep up the good work.

So, first off, congrats on getting through the National Geographic photo essay assignment…most of you did a great job identifying the 3 major photo types, and I was happy to see how much attention you paid to how the photo worked in the story.  Now that you’ve got an idea about what a photo essay should look like, it’s time to try your own!!

Photo Essay Assignment, May 06, 2010

As you know, there will be several open colour papers for the June paper, and this assignment can count as your contribution.  You need to write a photo essay…a suggested topic would be “the year in pictures” for some aspect of school or community life; music, P.E., budget cuts, school trips, etc.  As someone wisely brought up in class last day, “How can it be a year in pictures if the year has already passed?”  Well, that’s the challenge…you’ll be writing a story, then you’ll need to “recreate” images that help you tell that story.  Remember, good photographers don’t take pictures, they make them…come see me if you need ideas on how to make effective establishing, medium, and close up shots.

The essay itself needs to be at least 250 words, and must include an establishing, medium, and close up shot.  If you can include the other 3 shots mentioned in the David DuChemin article, I will add these in as a bonus mark. You may include interviews, but they are not mandatory.  See Mr. Francom for camera access!

May 4th – Hey, Everyone! It is me and I am still up and about. Tomorrow is my surgery day. Thanks for being a lot of fun to with and providing me with so many special memories.

Let’s talk business. Did you know that we have some exceptional wrestlers in this school who could go to the Olympics? You do. So who is interviewing Rowena C – dancer, actress and so on?

Recall that we can put out a 16 page paper.  8 pages will be colour. Anissa has taken on the back page. We have Ramina and Varsha doing the centre pages on prom. Is anyone willing to do the front page?

The front page will be largely visual in  nature. Let’s think about the big stories since the last issue. We could definitely use the Multicultural Show and Dream. We could also use pictures from JO Olympics and the Indoor Track Meet. Another thing we could put on the front is Principal Rahul and Student Bondi. Do you have ideas?

Page 2 and 15 will be  in colour. I happen to know that your TOC knows more a lot about photography, so we could put something creative on these pages or  …

We have two other colour pages. Decide as a class what you would like to see on these pages. Options that I am aware of include the school play, multicultural show and JO Olympics. You can put two or three events on  one page with short write-ups. However, you do need some sort of write-up–even a short one.

Finally,  please remember to save your photos in CKNY and then as TIFFs. If you are doing a collage, please save all your photos in the same file, as the page you are working on. This will alleviate the heart-break of missing links.

Speaking of missing, I am missing you already. I will see you at Prom and I have a feeling I will make another post later on because for some reason I think I missed something.

Speaking of missing, I missed out a point and that is that I need to contact the printers to find out exactly where the page margins are set because it makes a difference depending on whether your page is odd or not.

April 20th – Continue to write your school articles or work on the following: Vancouver East side stereotypes — particular those held by people on the West side. How are East side teens seen by Westsiders? Intelligent? Hard working? Tough? Rude? Affluent? Poor? Needy? Healthy and fit? Athletic? Drug free? Polite? Friendly? Tell me in 250 words what you think. Do you have evidence that supports your opinions? What makes you think that Eastsiders are viewed this way? Do Eastsiders have stereotypical views of Westsiders?

April 14th – Go to the following link: Watch the 4 public service advertisements and write 250 words stating why you feel the ads are effective or ineffective. You must submit this by Friday. Please Note: If you submit an article for the next paper this week, you do not have to complete this assignment. Each of you, must complete 2 school articles this term.  Each article will be marked out of 200.

March 29th, 2010 – Journalists, congratulations on your success in Term One and Two! At this point in Term 3, you should have completed:

1/Magazine Cover

2/ Biography on Ujjal Dosanjh (Roughly 2oo words) and 5-10 questions you have for Ujjal Dosanjh

3/ Rant or Movie Review

Now you should be thinking about your article for the final paper. Every one of you should have least one article in the paper.

While your event may not have happened yet, I want you to complete the following form and send to it to me today.

Article Plan

Before completing your plan, please read down below to see what articles are available and which have already been assigned to other journalists.

June Paper – 2010

Multicultural Show – Ramina and Navi ( Jeevan Hundal is also very interested in this article. Could he/ would he write it from a backstage perspective because this is where he will be. : )

Principal for a Day – Mohammad (could involve interviews) – photos are already taken

Mini School goes Digital – (Interviews with Mr Bondi and, perhaps, Mr Su)

Indoor Track Meet –

School Play – By Ratika

Dry Grad – By Navjit K

Mini School Field Trip –

Year End Review – By Anissa

Career Guesses for Grads of 2010 – By Sifi

5 Years in Review – By Sonika and Pardeep

Goodbye to Retiring Teachers and others –

School Librarian for 2009 – 2010 –

Prom Fashion – By Varsha

Friends over the past 5 years for Grads (Who will you still be friends with in 10 years?) – Sharon and Neelam

Cricket Team – Kanwar

Bangra – Amrit

Budget Shortfall – What else will lose beside teachers?

Ujjal Dosanjh’s visit with President Club –

Wall of Fame –

Look alikes –

Personality Tests –

JO – Olympics (Interview Mr H)

Grad Collage – 2 Page Spread (Ramina and Varsha) – 2 page spread (Prom, Dry Grad, and Chan Centre)

Back Page Collage – Grade 12’s – Anissa

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February 3rdHow about that groundhog? Could someone please, please hide his shadow!

Okay, on a more serious note, is anyone interested in being one of ten judges who will judge a anti-gang poster.  You would go downtown to the Vancouver Sun Newsroom to judge the poster and for all you know, you could be judging the work of one of  your peers.

February 1st

Today you are to submit the following information to me via email.

( You should attach your document with your name on it to your email. Many of you do not put your names on the documents.)

The information is as follows:

1/ 5 articles we must have in our June paper

2/ 5 articles that we should have in our June paper

3/ 5 creative ideas for the June Paper

4/ Proposal for at least one school article which you will write by yourself or with a partner for the June Paper. Explain why you or you and a partner are the best person/ people to write this article. All students must do at least one article for this paper.

5/ If you have taken a lot of photos for the paper and/or know the InDesign well. You may apply to layout one of the collage/colour pages. The cover of the paper demands artistic skill, as does the last page (collage of all/most Grade 12’s). The feature pages on prom and the Chan School Leaving ceremony also are colour in collages.

6/ Please be advised that we are having some sort of Olympics Event at the school in February. If you are interested in working as a photographer/reporter on this event, please forward your name to me and I will forward it to Mr H.

7/ With the remaining time in this block, please make sure you have submitted all your writing assignments for marking

8/ Ms Fraser will be working with this class until mid March. However, during your “down time” when you are waiting for such and such, I will be available to guide you with your school news articles.

January 21

Congratulations to Anissa C. You win the prize for last class. Who will win today? Will it be Amit (better not visit the Fido site)? Maybe, it will be Sonika if she can control her desire to comment on everything on this blog. Mohammad has a wonderful chance of winning but will he vanish into the halls of JO for too long.

A Brand New Scoop:

InDesign – Placing Text

January 19th

Here’s the scoop:

Using InDesign for The Fourth Floor

January 13th

Hey Journalists,

Some students have expressed interest in putting together a small newspaper after school. They are also interested in learning more about InDesign CS4. For a while, we will work in room 218 after schools on Day 1. If you would like to join us and are serious about wanting to learn layout skills, you are welcome to join us.

Links to online learning about Indesign:

VTC Online and CD  Computer Software Training

InDesign Blog

January 8th

Hey, Jokers, oops, Journalists! Don’t you think we are too sophisticated to have a Joker as out mascot? After all, is a Joker not a just glorified fool? It is time to decide. Should we abandon this fool and adopt a new mascot or is there something admirable about being a Joker?  You decide. Write 25o words on why the Joker should continue to be our mascot or sent packing.

January 5th

The following is from

Mind your manners during the 2010 Games

Four-page guide tells us how to welcome the world

Tamara Slobogean Jan 06, 2010 06:29:54 AM 12 Recommendation(s)

Related Stories

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Just over a month to go, and the rush is on to get Vancouver polished for the 2010 games. But do we have what it takes to be the Olympic hosts with the most? A four-page guide from the City and the Mayor in today’s Vancouver Sun comes with a few pointers.

There’s the message from the mayor and ten tips on how every one of us can be good hosts. We’re encouraged to show off our language skills, offer help when we see visitors with maps and be patient on public transit.  While many on Vancouver streets appreciate the friendly reminders, not everyone is polishing their hospitality smile, “Not only is it common sense, it seems like they are asking residents to pick up the slack where they may have dropped the ball a little, particularly on public transit, cause I know that’s going to be a little hectic during the games.”

The mayor writes, “With the world’s spotlight shining on Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games, we have an unprecedented opportunity to boost our local economy and showcase our city to the world.”

Write 250 words explaining if the press should be reminding Vancouverites how to behave or not.  Is this the role of the press?


Wanted and Needed – December 13th

The following are needed before December 18th

1/ Jeevan H — What is Jeff’s last name.

2/ Ashland Photos

3/ Navi, Ramina and Varsha — Your square dancing article and photos

4/ Kanwar – Comments on Community, particularly those of Ms Heppner.

5/ Photographs of new Day 2 teachers

6/ An article about the Grade 8 Breakfast

7/ BFF- Face-off article and photos

8/ Current photo of Ms Kolof

9/ Sifti – do you have photos of your group on the way to Me to We?

10/Follow-up article on sock wars and challenge to other schools

11/Ramina and Varsha – photograph of Tarnjot

12/ Neelam and Gurjit – photograph of Ms J for Time Table article.

13/Photograph of Bangra team for Kanwar’s Article

14/ Holiday Madness Review

15/ Photograph of Dilraj C who eats at Wendys

16/Photo of tug-o-sock for Sifti’s Article

People are counting on you to submit what you have said you will so that we can publish a quality paper in early January. If you are unable to submit what you have said you would, marks will be lost. We are all in this together.


December 7th – Journalists, this week you must complete 1/ a new assignment for the paper or 2/ a 25o word opinion piece “Is the deadline dead at JO?” It seems that this term, many students turned in work at the last moments. What types of deadlines are helpful and what sort of deadlines are deadly?  You should also have completed your community assignments and what makes a teacher good articles.

November 25th – Good Afternoon, Journalists!

Today you need to catch up all the work you have not submitted. If you have everything completed for the term by Friday, you will be able to attend Jokers Classic. Those of you who have work to complete on Friday will stay behind and work in the lab with me.

Remember you must complete your article on what makes a good teacher. (200 -250 words)

I am looking for photos of 1/Grad Breakfast 2/Canned Food Drive Activities 3/Media Blitz on Sock Wars (November 3oth). Articles to go with these events will go toward your term 2 mark but appear in our first paper.

I have 3 spaces open for Journalists who are interested in going to the Holocaust Education Centre on the afternoon of November 30th – Day 2. You could do a review of this riveting exhibition. The juxtaposition of the Sock Wars Media Blitz (where we will see the best in human nature) with Holocaust Exhibition (where, sadly, we will see the worst in human nature) is interesting. If you are interested, ask Mr D Lee or Mr M Lee about the field trip. You must be willing to report on what you learn at the Holocaust Centre. I will be back at school tomorrow and looking for recruits. You can email me if you are interested.


Journalists, you are responsible for the following assignments to date:

1/Advice letter to a Grade 8 students (250 Words)

2/Opinion Piece – Is prom over rated? Yes or No (25o Words)

3/One school news assignment (250 Words)

4/100 days to the Olympics and I . . . (50 – 100 words with punch/impact)

5/My Favorite Place on Fraser Street . . . (50 – 100 words with punch/impact)

6/Opinion piece on fund raising or another school article (25o words)

Homework for Tuesday, November 17th

Your community assignment is due with all the bells and whistles (photographs).  Out all of your assignments this one is worth the most marks.

Homework for week of November 2nd

Due Friday, November 6th

1/ Opinion Piece – Fund raising for good causes should be/should not be part of every school’s curricular or extracurricular activities.


2/ Another school article.

Due November 15th – Your community assignment.


Congratulations, Journalists, we have a blog.

The Fourth Floor Blog


New Assignments Added November 12th

Photographs of Fraser Street between 41st and 49th street. Please go to the city archives and search for some.

Remembrance Day Ceremomy

Reporter –

Photographer –

New Assignments Added October 20th

Indo-Canadians – a diverse population

Reporter –

Please see Ms. B for a more detailed description of this assignment.

Interview a Student Teacher

Reporter –

Photographer –


Clubs Day – Tuesday, September 22nd

Reporter –

Grade 8 Dance– Thursday, September 24th

Reporter –

Photographer – Claudia Gomez and Varsha Sharma

Celebration of Festival of Eid – Thursday, September 25th

Reporter –

Photographer –

Minis in Ashland (Grades 10 – 12) – Monday, September 28th to Friday, October 2nd

Reporter – Navi and Jeevan

Photographer – Amrit B and Ramina

Minis in Bamfield (Grades 8 and 9) – Monday, October 5th to Friday, October 9th

Reporter –

Photographer –

France Trip – Thursday, October 15th – Tuesday, October 27th

Reporter -Ramina

Photographer – Ramina


Reporter –

Photographer –

Me to We

Reporter -Varsa

Photographer – Varsa

Galileo Room Opens

Reporter -Jerry and Sukhraj

Photographer –

New Teachers

Reporter -Anissa and G A

Photographer – Anissa and GA

Sock Wars

Reporter -Sifti and Ratika

Photographer – Sifti and Ratika

Burning Question

Reporter – POOJA and Kanwar

Photographer – POOJA and Kanwar

Khalsa School – After the Fire

Reporter -Sifti and Ratika

Photographer – Sifti and Ratika

Where in the World is Calva? The impact on the Impact Club.

Reporter –

Photographer –

Time Tables

Reporters – Neelam and Gurjit

Photographer –

Powerful Opinion

Reporters – Pardeep and Mohammad


Reporters – Moon and Harjot


Reporter- Jaspreet

FEATURE – John Oliver and the Community

The Real Scoop on DQ

Reporter -Amrit, Kevin and Gurvinder

Photographer – Amrit, Kevin and Gurvinder


Jokerscopes Design the 12 Zodiac signs so they somehow reveal a joker.  For example, you could design twin Jokers for the sign Gemini.

Press Passes


Fraser Street, Fraser Street, Fraser Street. We are planning to create a collage: “Fraser Street in the Fall.”  We would like shots of people in the community and of the leaves turning and other fall sights.

Journalism 12

Community Assignment

This assignment is worth 200 marks and you are expected to do it while you are working on your weekly assignments.  It is due before or on November 15th.  You are allowed to work with a partner on this assignment.

1/ Interview and Article (200 marks)

Before you conduct your interview, you must have it approved by me. You must record the interview or take notes. If you quote the person you interview, make sure your quotes are accurate. Make sure you get a photo of the person you interview.

2/ Student Picks

Find a JO student who is not in this class. Go with them to their favourite place in the community and take their photo. Have them explain in 50 words why this is their favourite place.

–          You must do 2 of these assignments. (Each one is worth 100 marks.)

–          You must let me know where you are going before you go to these places.  (I do not want 30 pictures of kids at DQ.) Originality and creativity will be factored into this assignment.

–          Please let me know what you are doing before you do it.

–          Find students favourite restaurants in terms of ambience, fast food, ethnic food, customer service and so on.

3/ Merchants Views of Community and their Community

Take the questionnaire and the letter to businesses. Get a photo of the vendor. Have them complete the form with two questions about community and sign to have their photo in the paper.

–          You must do 2 of these assignments. (Each one is worth 100 marks.)

–          Please let me know what you are doing before you do it.

4/ You may do one of 2 above and one of 3 above. Each will be marked of 100

5/ Student Survey and one of 2 or 3 above

You will need to survey 100 students on one question. The question can be simple like what is your favourite ethnic restaurant in the JO area? You will need to tally the results and rank list the top 5. It is very important to let me know as soon as possible if you are doing this assignment so we do not have duplicate survey.

Community Inteview The Fourth Floor Journalism 12 – Course Outline

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