Communications 12

Crystal Meth does not Discriminate between Victims

How did the word genocide originate? Can you think of other words that end with the suffix cide? When were laws created to prevent genocide? Do you think these laws prevented genocide? The clip is named “Scream Bloody Murder.” Why?  Is the image of the barbed wire effective? Why or why not?

Are the images of skulls effective in this clip? What do you think it means to be dead behind the eyes?

What makes a person take a stand even when no one is listening?

Compare and contrast genocide in Bosnia to the Holocaust.

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Next time, will anyone listen?

1.Would you go on this tour? Why/Why not?  2. Do you consider this ghettotainment? 3. Are these people being made into exhibits?

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The film below is by Leni Riefenstahl, who was Adolf Hitler’s favorite filmmaker. Her 1934 film about the Nuremberg Nazi party rally, Truimph of Will, has been hailed as the most masterful propaganda film ever made.

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You will each have a page on the blog. Below is the assignment:

The Freedom Blogger’s Blog

Each of you has a page on the blog, on your page you must include the following:

1/A brief autobiography about yourself (150 – 250 words).

2/ A favourite photograph with a caption.

3/ A video clip of your favourite song.

4/A copy of your favourite poem.

5/ Where you will be in 10 years from now (50 – 100 words).

6. A favourite youtube clip.

7. A description of one or more of your most memorable moments at John Oliver (100 words or more).

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