Communications 11



Welcome to Communications 11!

2016 -2017

September 22nd

Welcome to Communications 11. We will begin the year with a unit on short stories.

Here is a helpful link for study literary terms: Literary Terms on Quizlet.


2014 -2015

January 17th 

Are you looking for old Communications 12 exams and/or e-exams to help you prepare for midterms? Look no further. Visit: Past Provincial Exams.

January 6th

Today in class, we studied the attached list of terms. You will have a quiz on these terms on January 14th. Communication11Terms (1)

December 8th

Let’s watch “The Story of Bottled Water” and take notes while we watch. After watching this, I want you to write a detailed entry in your journal entry about your thoughts on this video.

October 29th – Upcoming Test on Short Stories

Here are the notes for the short stories that we have studied. If you study these, the test should be easy.