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Hey Everyone,

First of all, you can reach me at:

wbeamish@vsb.bc.ca or wbeamish@johnoliver.ca

Time flies! I have now been at John Oliver for 10 years and am entering my 11th year.  While I have been here, I have taught many wonderful students, instructed in a variety of areas and sponsored some amazing clubs.

The Multicultural Club will always hold a special place in my heart. I sat down 8 years and watched this amazing Multicultural Show. I knew that I had to be part of it. I signed on 7 years ago as a sponsor and the show has evolved into the biggest event of the year. This is not because of me. I know I could thing when I see it so I jumped on board and ran with the show. The Multicultural Show is student led and it is through the production of this show, I meet incredibly gifted students.

 I am a UBC grad and began my career teaching elementary school.  I have taught every grade but kindergarten.  Please don’t hold not having taught the big “K” against me.  By the way, I see a few of you from Moberly Elementary School still kicking about. This is my eighth year at John Oliver and I am loving it.  

My interests are fairly eclectic. Right now, I am living with 2 dogs: Lucas and Brodie, who are both Weimaraners. Consider it my good fortune to have so many hound dawgs.  It is also my other job.  With classes full of wonderful students to teach and a house full of energetic dogs to walk, let’s just say some of my other interests go on hold until the summer..

I grew up in three different neighbourhoods: Auckland, New Zealand; Southeast Vancouver, BC; and Richmond, BC.  For me, Southeast Vancouver has always felt like home and so I always feel at home when I am in John Oliver.  Living in those other “hoods” hasn’t scarred me in anyway-at least, not in a major way.   By the way, I attended Sir Sanford Fleming Elementary, like some of you did. I won’t mention those other schools in Richmond. Let’s just say that I am home again and when it comes right down to it, that is all that matters, because as they say home is where the heart is.
Living in the Information Age, when technology is rapidly advancing, excites me! There is infinite possibility.  I never imagined these possibilities as a child in Auckland, New Zealand, where we had one television channel for 2 hours each evening between 6PM and 8PM.  However, I grew up in a home where communicating with technology was important.  My father was a HAM radio operator, who experimented with teletypes and wrote messages in Morse code to exotic places.  He also was had an affinity for aerials – anything that would enhance communication, because reaching out to people, hearing others and being heard really matters.  I only wish that my father had payed closer attention to how he wired his electronic devices, because I was zapped a few times, which may or may not explain a lot about me. You decide.




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