Chicken Cheeks

My family’s favourite public library book of the week is all about animal behinds and the different (and funny) names for behinds: derriere, wazoo, back half, patootie, tushy etc.

As you read the story you quickly realize that all the animals are stacking themselves on top of one another in the hopes of reaching honeycomb at the top of a tall tree.  Unfortunately for them, they are attacked by Bumblebee bums causing all the animals to jump into the water to escape being stung!  This is a hilarious book and you cannot help but laugh when you say Duck-billed platypus gluteus maximus– it is very fun to say!  We highly recommend you order this book from the public library to enjoy with your family.

The Public Library Is my Favourite Place!

It was surprising to me to find out how many of my students have never been to the public library and that many of my students see reading as a chore; something unpleasant they have to do for homework.  This is so foreign to me as I love reading and I fondly remember my mom regularly taking me to the public library to choose books.  My own children were given library cards when they were only a few months old and I take them to the library regularly too.  Both my boys love choosing books to borrow for the week .

One of my 2012 teaching goals is to try to change my students’ idea of reading as a chore into reading for fun and learning.  I thought I would start by sharing with my students my favourite spot in the public library and recommend some of the books I am currently reading with my family.

When I visit the library I immediately go to the “New Books” display shelf in the children’s section to see what’s new.  Sometimes I am immediately drawn to a book because of the picture on the cover.  Sometimes I pick up a book because I recognize the author or  illustrator.  I love finding these books most of all because when you find a book by an author or illustrator you love you know the book you are about to read will instantly become one of your new favourites.

Last week my family and I enjoyed reading these books from the library:


Even though this book is on the “New Books” shelf it is not new to my family.  I think we have borrowed this from the library practically every week.  It is a true favourite in our household!  My 3-year-old has completely memorized this book.  I highly recommend visiting Emily Gravett’s website

I chose this book from the “New Book” section for a couple of reasons.  I immediately recognized the name of the author/illustrator David Wiesner.  He is one of my favourites especially for older readers.  I also borrowed this book because my nephew’s name is Max!  This book did not disappoint.  I wish everyone could hear my 3-year-old laugh when we turn to the page where Max “decorates” Art with paint.

I’m sure you know the song… this version has animals as the passengers in the bus and at the end they all go swimming.

Everyone in my family is a HUGE David Shannon fan.  I saw this book on the “New Books” shelf and I knew this book would be awesome before I even read it.  (I also enjoy author Jon Scieszka- he usually writes for older children).  Robot Zot is very funny.  Robot Zot has landed on Earth to destroys Earth’s leaders (a TV, blender, and hand beater) and he kidnaps a Queen (toy phone).  I especially like the story the pictures tell about what is really happening.  I highly recommend this one!

I was lucky enough to find another David Shannon book to borrow.  My family and I have happily read all the David books at my house many, many times.

Last but definitely not least is Stanley’s Stick.  This is a lovely story about a boy and his imagination.  Stanley does everything with his stick (save slugs, put up a tent, play a tune etc.) until one day it is time to find a new stick for new adventures- he calls his new stick “Fantastick”! 

Hopefully these recommendations have inspired you to visit the library to discover reading treasures!  Let me know if you have read any of these books and please pass on your book recommendations to me.