Pattern Block Turkeys

We used pattern blocks to create pattern block turkeys.  First we worked and played with pattern blocks to create the pattern we wanted.  Then, we substituted paper pattern blocks for the wooden pattern blocks and glued the turkey tail feathers to black paper.  This was very tricky as the patterns kept shifting and changing!  Finally, we added the turkey bodies, eyes, wattle, and feet.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

DSC01107 DSC01110 DSC01111

DSC01109 DSC01106 DSC01108

We Love Math!

Our new classroom display celebrates our love of Math!  This month we are working hard on creating and extending patterns of 3 to 5 elements.  Parents, you can help support our Math learning at home.  Ask your child to make and name patterns with household objects.  Ask your child what kind of attributes a pattern can have? (Hint- colour, shape or size).  Ask you child how many times a group has to repeat for it to be a pattern?  (Hint- 3 or more times).