Printmaking with BC First Nations Designs

What a fantastic workshop!  We had Andra from the Burnaby Art Gallery explain some of the common shapes that are used in First Nations artworks such as ovoid, split-u, and u forms.  Andra shared a few artworks by local artist April White and challenged the students to find the hidden shapes and guess the animal depicted.   Then we got to create our own art!  We made a piece that includes many different types of art processes: cutting, gluing, rubbing, stamping and screen printing.

dsc02002 dsc02003


dsc02005 dsc02006 dsc02007 dsc02008 dsc02009 dsc02010 dsc02011 dsc02012 dsc02013 dsc02014 dsc02015 dsc02016 dsc02017 dsc02018 dsc02019 dsc02020 dsc02021




dsc02025 dsc02026


dsc02028 dsc02029 dsc02030 dsc02031 dsc02032 dsc02033 dsc02034 dsc02035 dsc02036 dsc02037 dsc02038 dsc02039 dsc02040 dsc02041 dsc02042 dsc02043


dsc02045 dsc02046 dsc02047

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