Re-creating Art in the Style of Barbara Reid Part 2

Here are the results!  I’ve included photos of the covers of the books we used, the pages we re-created and the finished re-creations!

Page from Gifts
Sandi’s detail of the house.


End Page of Two by Two
Trisha’s Rainbow


Page from Two by Two
Muhit’s Food Barrel
Page from Two by Two
Karl’s Detail of a Pair of Snakes

Page from Two by Two
Enrico's Detail of the Fish
Enrico’s Detail of the Fish

Page from Picture A Tree
Arthigan’s Detail of the Tree

Spreet's Detail of the Cover

Page from Peg and the Yeti
Ms. Becker’s Detail of Peg



Sharon's Detail of the Cover


Rohtab's Detail of the Rainboots



Page from The New Baby Calf

Karan's Detail of the Field Flowers

 Some students chose to re-create pictures from books in our class library.

Page from The Flag Book

Yuvraj's Detail of the Mongolian Flag

Raj's Detail of the Mongolian Flag


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