Web Design 11

After taking this course, your web design toolboxes will almost be full. With a web design toolbox in hand; you will be able to create a well-designed web site on your own. You can then use this course as a stepping stone to Web Page Design 12. Your main task in this course is to learn about the different software used in the creation of web sites. Industry-standard software and the latest technology will be used. What makes a great web site? Find out by learning design theory and by evaluating other web site designs. When you finish this course, you will have created a web site that is well designed and on the Internet. This is a project-based course.

You will:

  • Use Photoshop/Fireworks to manipulate graphics
  • Use Flash as an animation tool
  • Use Dreamweaver as a web design tool
  • Learn layout and design techniques
  • Make your own website interesting and interactive


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