Any Grade 11 students who are wishing to rewrite the numeracy exam in an attempt for a different score can sign up on the list posted in the counselling suite. The numeracy exam will be running on April 17th. Time and location will be determined at a later date. If you have any questions, please see your counselor.

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  1. Going forward, all math material will be posted within the OneNote class notebook. The library section will include notes (with videos at times) and assignments. I have also created a “QuestionAnswers” tab where I will post step by step answers to questions that are challenging. 

  2. Assignment #39
    Pg. 186 #3 (e, f, j, k, l)
    Worksheet (side 1) #37-109 (odd), 140

  3. Assignment #13
    Pg. 33 #1
    Pg. 34 #2 (a, c, e, f)
    Pg. 36 #3 (a, c, e), 4 (b, d, f, h), 5 (a, d), 6, 7