Welcome to Division 4

Welcome to Division 4!

This is a great place to be! You will enjoy your time here with friends and field trips, projects and prizes, while laughing and learning.

This year may be a little more difficult than last year, but here are some tips to help you succeed.

Be respectful to others, have self-control, and always give your best effort in class.

Use your time wisely as you are expected to finish your work in class and on time. You may have homework if your work is not completed in class.

Write reminders in your planner to help stay organized. Have your parents sign your planner every day to communicate your learning between school and home.

Letter grades of C+, B, or A on your report card are great marks! Be proud, you are doing very well.

So remember, in order to have a successful year:

  • Be prepared (physically, mentally, materials)
  • Be organized (homework, assignments, forms)
  • Be independent
  • Use your time wisely (complete assignments during class)
  • Ask questions
  • Ask for help
  • Fix mistakes
  • Be Kind
  • Be Calm
  • Work Hard



Ms. Seafoot