Nutritious Sesame Chicken & Vegetable Wrap

Nutritious Sesame Chicken & Vegetable Wrap
Nothing is better than a fast, healthy, and delicious sesame chicken wrap with all different types of vegetables to be the choice of lunch for the day. Try to serve it with either a side salad or baked sweet potato puffs. These wraps make the perfect mid-day meal as they are filled with healthy salad and the low fat chicken meat. Plus, they are very easy to prepare!image

Serves: 1-2
Ingredients: (15 minutes)
• 1 package of ready-to-go grilled chicken breast ( chopped )
• 1 tablespoons of sesame chili sauce
• 2 whole wheat tortillas
• ½ cup of wild rice
• ½ cup of quinoa
• ½ red pepper ( finely chopped )
• ½ green onion ( finely chopped )
• ½ cabbage ( finely chopped )



Directions: (5 minutes)
• in a small bowl, combine chicken with wild rice, quinoa, finely chopped red pepper, green onion, and the cabbage
• spoon over the tortillas with the sesame chili sauce
• wrap the mixture up
• roll up and secure with 2 toothpicks
Total Time: 20 minutes


These wraps are perfect for picnic lunches or to simply enjoy a satisfying sandwich filling at the end of the day. They may take some effort in preparing but the taste of the wrap after all that was just great.


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